Cosmic Giantess

With the Comet Observatory returning to near the Mushroom Kingdom's planet, Princess Rosalina was excited to get the chance to spend some more time with Princess Peach and the Mario Brothers.

After making sure that the Lumas had finished saying goodbye to her and were ready to see to the running of the Observatory without her, the Cosmic Princess waved her wand, and in a flash of magic teleported to the Mushroom Kingdom.

However, in doing so, she forgot to make sure that her cosmic powers were in check, and so she neglected to reduce her power and size down to a stature closer to that of the Mushroom Kingdom. When she appeared in a flash of magic and opened her eyes, Rosalina was confused to find that she did not appear to be in the Mushroom Kingdom, or at least not any part of it that she knew. The ground was a little lumpy and coated in green but she could not see anyone else around. Confused and wondering if she had come to the wrong place, she began to walk around, trying to find anything familiar. The grass and ground under her heels was soft and almost molded around her feet, but a few firmer steps was all that was needed to keep herself steady as she marched on.

Down below, it was pandemonium for the toads living in the Mushroom Kingdom, as seemingly out of nowhere the gargantuan form of what appeared to be Princess Rosalina had materialized in the nearby woods, and was now walking roughly in the direction of Princess Peach’s Castle. Within the first few moments of her walking, Toads had been knocked onto the ground from the quakes generated by her feet, and then she walked straight through Toad Town, demolishing much of it.

Of course the Mario Brothers had sprung into action to try and solve the problem, but Luigi- who had approached Rosalina to try and contact her- had swiftly ended up underfoot like so many other Toads. Mario was running to the Castle to save Peach, though he was rapidly running out of time and space as Princess Rosalina bore down upon him. In the meantime, Princess Peach had heard the rumbles and felt the quakes, and was only now reaching the nearest balcony. As she looked out, she slowly had to tilt her head upwards to take in the sight of an oblivious Rosalina walking towards her Castle, and the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom felt growing fear in her heart.

A couple of seconds later, Princess Rosalina paused in her walking, her last step crunching down on something and meeting momentary resistance before completing its journey down to level ground. She continued to look around and began to tap that same foot, crunching whatever she had just stepped on into rubble. Letting out a sigh she finally spoke.

“Hmm, now just where am I? I thought I was supposed to be in the Mushroom Kingdom, but all there is are some rocks and grass in this plain. Maybe I can find something in that sandy area...”

With that, Rosalina continued her walk, leaving the flattened remains of the Mushroom Kingdom behind her as she headed towards the desert of Sarasaland, home of Princess Daisy...

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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