Crisis of Infinite Giantesses

There is a crisis on Earth-One.

The Multiverse is broken and, for reasons unknown, giant version of famous super-heroines are appearing one after the another and immediately going on a rampage.

Some, like Giganta of Earth-47 (formerly known as Lois Lane), did it to get revenge on the man who turned her into a Giantess: Superman.

Others, like Wünder Woman of Earth-10, seek to conquer this new world for the glory of the third reich... only to find themselves in conflict with Comrade Power Girl of Earth-30.

Then there are those who only seek pleasure and satisfaction like Earth-26's Queen Starfire of the New Tamaranean Queendoms. She is looking forward to playing with this world's tiny Nightwing for the foreseeable future.

If the heroes of Earth-One don’t stop this giantess invasion soon, humanity will be crushed under their many and varied heels.

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2243x3150)

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