Dang, Gone to Romp, Huh?

"I think it looks great! It really fits your body quite well. Amazing work from Hajime and Kazuichi. Truly, this is the work of an Ultimate!" Nagito praised, offering his honest opinion. That opinion being on the attire a gigantic Chiaki Nanami was wearing while examining herself in the reflective windows of a nearby building. A white swimsuit, similar to what her A.I. counterpart had once worn in the Neo World Program, had been fashioned for her to offer some modesty. Though Chiaki herself didn't mind walking around in the buff, as she felt there were more important things to worry about, her boyfriend and Ultimate Everything Hajime Hinata had been most insistent. "I dunno, I think it might be a little small on me..." Chiaki said, pulling at the bottom part of her suit where it seemed to be riding up in her. "I'm grateful, really, but is Hajime sure he got my measurements right?" "Come now, Chiaki, this is Hajime we're talking about here! To find the material necessary to fashion you this outfit, and make it to your size, is child's play to him! I'm sure any fault would have been on Kaz's end. Though he is the Ultimate Mechanic, building a machine to make giant clothing is a first for him. To err is human, right?" Nagito assured her. "I suppose... well, I should thank them both for this anyways. Where are they?" Chiaki asked, bending down to offer her hand for Nagito to climb into. "Hajime is down by the docks, getting supplies sorted out for our makeshift base. As for Kazuichi... it's odd. I haven't seen him since he announced your outfit was ready..." Nagito pondered. "Really? Strange. He told me to come in and put it on, but when I looked around for him afterwards, he was gone. Maybe he went to work on something else?" Chiaki wondered aloud, her right hand pulling at her bikini bottom to pull out a wedgie, not realizing how close her pink haired benefactor and friend was to her.

"BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRPPPPPP! Whew, pardon me." Chiaki apologized, having thumped her chest to remove some excess gas. Nagito, for his part, didn't seem bothered. "That was amazing, Chiaki! I think you managed to outdo Akane with that one! I'm sure you managed to knock down a building, at least." Chiaki merely tilted her head in response, pondering her friend's words. " You think so? I recall that one time our class had chilli and she destroyed five classrooms! I'll admit, I always though she'd be unbeatable in that department." "Maybe you should compete now and see which of you is more powerful!" Nagito laugh was genuine and full of mirth. "That might be pushing it."

It had been some time later when Chiaki and Nagito arrived, Chiaki's thundering foot steps echoing throughout the city and announcing her arrival. Her companions gave various greetings while they simultaneously moved out of the way to their designated safe zones to avoid being crushed by her gigantic bare feet. Stepping over them, Chiaki looked around for Hajime, whom she found on the ship. In her excitement to reach him, she failed to account for the fact that she was bigger than most of the buildings surrounding her... and large bodies make great splashes. "Chiaki! I've told you, you have to be careful of your surroundings." Hajime lightly chastised, wringing out his shirt before putting it back on. Chiaki, for her part, actually looked sheepish. "Sorry, I didn't mean to splash you... or overturn the boat." She was bent at the waist and standing in the ocean, the water barely going over her ankles, as she watched the love of her life attempt to get dry. "Was anything lost? I got the boat turned back up, but if there was something small lost I could maybe suck in the water and spit it out on shore?" Chiaki offered. Hajime sighed before smiling. "No, it's okay. Everything important or wanted is already on shore, and the ship is intact." "How fortunate for us all. Can we thank your luck or mine for that?" Nagito inquired, his green coat hanging out to dry as he too was somewhat waterlogged. "Don't you start! I saw no effort on your part to slow her down." Hajime pointed out. "As much as I appreciate your faith in my ability to be the little voice of reason on her shoulder, I'm afraid it is misplaced." Nagito replied. Seeing her friends were still not dry, Chiaki attempted to help out. With a light gentle exhale, her hot breath washed over the two of them, ruffling their entire bodies and slightly moving them back a bit. "Did that help at all?" Chiaki asked. "...Chiaki, what did you eat?" Hajime carefully asked. "Just a giant cheeseburger Nagito helped point out to me on the road." "...A giant cheeseburger." "Yeah, Akane found one earlier this week, so I was hoping to get one for myself. Don't worry, I'm still okay with eating rubble and robots, but I was hoping for something with some flavour this time. It was just a little treat!" Chiaki answered. "Was that wrong? Should I have saved it for everyone?" Noticing the sad look on his girlfriend's face, Hajime quickly assured her. "No, no, that's okay. We have enough food for everyone here. I'm just wondering what kind of meat was used." "Well, it looked like beef, but it tasted more like chicken? I think? Nagito was there, he may know. I offered him some, but he told me I should have it all." Chiaki's head tilted up and a finger raised to her chin in thought. "Oh really?" Hajime turned a pointed look to Nagito, who simply smiled. "I figured, what's the harm? They were just Despairs, and she's a growing girl. She needs protein. As long as she never knows, what's the problem?" Hajime simply sighed before the shudder he had been suppressing came up through his spine. A shudder caused by either the fear or arousal at what the smell on Chiaki's breath had been being correctly deduced... but he didn't know which. A shudder that Chiaki had just managed to catch. "Are you two cold?" She innocently asked. Not waiting for an answer, in an effort to make up for getting them wet in the first place, Chiaki scooped the two of them up. With her other hand, she pulled up the front of her swimsuit...

"Really, I know you have your unique thought process, but do you ever consider your own modesty?" Hajime asked, cradled in Chiaki's hands by her stomach, the soothing sounds coming from her belly almost making him forget what it contained. "Well, everyone's already seen me naked, and you were cold, and Teruteru told me that that was the warmest part of the human body..." "Say no more. I'm not saying I hated it, just... I made this outfit for you because I care about you. I wanted to give you the option of modesty. Make things a bit more... normal." Hajime explained. Chiaki smiled. "Nothing about this is normal, Hajime. I'm a giant, you're a genius, we're fugitives on the run who have survived an apocalypse." She lifted Hajime to her face, her almost angelic smile warming Hajime's heart. "And that's okay... I think." Still smiling, she brought Hajime in for a gentle but sensual full body kiss, the little action for her causing the Ultimate Everything Hajime's super logical and efficient brain to shut down in bliss for one of the few times in his new life. When he was pulled away, he was once again greeted with the love of his life's face. "Okay?" Chiaki asked. "...Okay." "Great, now that that's out of the way, I was hoping to talk about you making me some actual panties." "What?!" Hajime spluttered. "A swimsuit doesn't count, Hajime. I won't lose to any of the other girls. We have to do this correctly." Chiaki explained. "Just let me know if you want me to wear them first before I give them up, okay?" Hajime was eternally thankful for the voice of his soul friend that screamed from Chiaki's rump that very moment. "ANY ONE OF YOU ASSHOLES WANNA HELP ME?!?!" Soda screamed, still trapped between Chiaki's plump cheek and the very swimsuit he'd help create. Tripping in just as Chiaki was pulling them up to wear was very poor timing indeed.

Story by crossbones6732
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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