Deep Snuggling

He could feel her all around him as his body sank into the soft flesh of her pussy. Periodically the muscles around him would flex and he’d find himself completely embraced by the floor, walls, and ceiling all around him as he was completely engulfed so that no inch of his body was left out of her embrace. Hot, sticky fluid covered his body so completely that trying to remove it from anywhere other than his nose or eyes seemed entirely futile. His every breath was thick with her humidity.

The only item Dean had with him in the darkness was the phone Melissa had given him before he’d gone inside of her. As he sent her a text, he gave up on trying to completely clean the screen off and just did what he could to keep it visible.

“Wow. So that was really something else.”

“Wasn’t it? I told you that you’d like it inside me! :p Mmm. You feel so good all snuggled up inside of me. You must be completely soaked in my juices. Send me a picture! I want to see!”

As he read Melissa’s text, Dean could have sworn he heard her heart rate speed up. He knew all too well that the walls around him began to pulse more and more as she grew more excited.

“Don’t you think it’d be easier if you just took me out?”

“Ah, sorry! I already have my panties back on. I’m thinking you’ll have to stay in there for the night.”

“Hold on. You want me to spend the night in your pussy?”

“Sure! It’s great and you feel real nice in there. It’s a lot easier to sleep with a cutie like you inside of me anyway. Just snuggle up and let my heartbeat lull you to sleep. If you need something to drink, there is plenty of nectar in there. Oh! But if you need to potty, let me know. Of course, if you’re feeling restless, I sure won’t mind another go.”

Looking to the phone, Dean forgot to breath for a moment. She already has her panties on? Reaching out his right hand, he lightly ran it along the flesh of the pussy wall beside him as it was illuminated by the light of his phone.

“I guess it’s too late then. In that case, I’ll see you in the morning.”

With Dean deep inside her pussy, Melissa didn’t worry about him hearing her as she gave a slight cheer.

“Yes!” I can’t believe it. He didn’t just climb inside on his own, but actually went headfirst and is even willing to stay inside of me! And he’s fun to hang around with as well! You might have just found yourself a new bedroom, Dean..."

Story by Happiest-in-shadows
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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