Diane X Alice: War of the Colossi

Diane Szainski has been a giant for about a year now and has become quite a celebrity, not just for her colossal size, but also for her willingness to help people by fighting giant monsters, helping with some search and rescues, and even assisting with construction from time to time.

With the assistance of the Giant Woman Squad, Diane has made her home a much better place and she has no intention of ever returning to her regular size. Being 600ft tall is now normal to her, and she has come to love it.

However, ever since her return from Wonderland, Alice's life has been hell due to being locked up in an Asylum for years and experimented on by someone she trusted. That being said, those experiments had an unexpected result, which allowed her to increase her size based on how angry she is, and now she is on a rampage.

The G.W.S and the army tried to stop her, but all that did was make her grow more until she was too big to handle. Now, Diane is the only person that can stop Alice as Alice goes on a rampage throughout the city.

Unfortunately, in an effort to try and calm Alice down, Diane was shoved by Alice into the local bridge. Unable to stop herself, Diane struggles to regain her balance as the G.W.S desperately tries to hold the bridge together as they escort and carry the fleeing civilians off the bridge, all the while Alice charges in for another attack.

Story by Bob Loblaw
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (3742x2500)

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