Diane's "Fun"

Merlin casts a spell to shrink Diane to human size, but the spell miscasts and causes her to instead grow even taller and be overcome by a great sense of sexual ecstasy.

The newly enchanted and crazed Diane grabs a dozen or so men from a nearby village and drops them on top of her breasts.

"Whoever can manage to stay on after I stop shaking can have further fun with me!"

Diane then begins to wildly bounce her breasts up and down, causing a chaotic scene. Some men are immediately sent falling to their deaths. Others get stuck in the crevices of her cleavage. Those unfortunate souls are either crushed into paste or sink between her fleshy mountains... never to be seen again.

The lucky few who still remain after the bouncing stops ponder in dismay as to what else this gigantic madwoman might consider "fun."

Story by Reginald
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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