Does Whatever a Giant Spider-Woman Does

'So, wait. You don't know where Crossbones is?' a somewhat confused Spider Gwen asked her helpless foe. She had just been given word that her newest nemesis and favourite play thing, Crossbones, had broken out of prison for the umpteenth time and was making moves to take over the mob.

'No! We're the Sinister Six! He's part of the Skeleton Crew! We're totally different gangs!' a frustrated Beetle shouted in fury. She was trying to earn a damn reputation here and being pinned by some bimbo's boobs was not going to help that!

'Well soooorrryyy,' Gwen sarcastically replied, 'but I was told he was in the area, and that he was at this address in the Gateway Motel.'

'Well that's your problem right there. This is the Hateway Motel. Gateway is right behind you and across the street from us.' Shocker helpfully provided.

'What, really? Oh dang, my bad!' Gwen sincerely apologized.

'Oh no problem!' Beetle groaned out in frustration. 'No problem at all...'

Meanwhile, about five minutes before that conversation...

'Seriously, that Spider-Woman is the one I hate the most. She's become my crocodile.' Crossbones muttered while loading the sixth pistol on his person with hollow point rounds, prepping for another massacre at a mob owned front.

'Uh, don't you you mean White Whale?' Jack O'Lantern asked, confused.

'No, I mean crocodile. Like Captain Hook. Every day I hear her footsteps, and that voice making a bad joke, and I just know it's going to happen again: her hand snatching me up like I'm an action figure, and by the end of the day I'm going to be pinned under that fat ass of hers.' Crossbones replied, a blank look on his face. It was the closest he had ever come to looking haunted.

'...Jesus. Well, I guess you'll be calling out for me to save you when that happens, huh?' Jack asked, not sure if he should feel sorry for or envious of his cohort.

'Ha! Get real. Let me speak in single syllable words here. If that bitch comes for me, I will throw you to her and I will make a break for it.' Crossbones replied, making hand gestures to show he really would toss the flaming-pumpkin-headed villain.

'Now focus dumb-ass. Do every one of you prospective meat-shields have their gear ready for- wait, wait. I just felt something right now...'

Story by crossbones6732
Artwork by Tentaskul

High resolution (1715x2839)

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