Emily and Ashley

Emily had been walking down the street and she had suddenly found herself huge and dressed in a different outfit that emphasized her gorgeous body.

She had lived a full life, but had suffered many disappointments. For starters, many of her old friends had moved on to better things and she's just been dumped by the man of her dreams. She was lonely, yes, but there was something else wrong. Something else missing. Something else she couldn't put her finger on...

Puzzled at first by the changes, she soon got used to her size and quickly stopped being concerned with the collateral damage she was causing as she walked along.

A sci-fi/fantasy fan, she had discovered giantess movies in one of the darker periods of her life. There was something about the wanton power of a rampage or being able to do what she wanted without consequences which lifted her spirits and excited her sexually.

Just as she was standing amidst the rubble, out of a portal came Ashley, ready to show humanity its place. She was also lonely, having lost the fulfillment she had once easily obtained from destroying planets or teaching inferior (to her) beings a lesson in humility. She had recently realized that what she was missing was a companion to join in her travels and share in her conquests, so she had hit on the idea of growing a companion and selected Emily at random.

Emily was captivated. She had finally found that missing 'something' in her life as she and Ashley rampaged through the world together. Ashley, likewise, was captivated by having a like-minded individual at her side, and they quickly got very fond of each other.

Story by uvwxyz
Artwork by Altercomics-Giribaldi

High resolution (2122x3200)

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