Endless Goddess

Emperor Maximilien Zelevas had thought his rivalry with Jenestra Omalfi'Meos of the Lumeris a thing of the past. When the United Empire agreed to put aside their differences and forge an alliance with her people, they had created a civilization the likes of which never since graced the galaxy since the Endless. Both nations pooled their collections of Dust, a near magical substance of unimaginable power, to bring any that dared to oppose them to their knees.

Zelevas had always been open about his use of Dust to create a military unmatched by any other, which Jenestra would mockingly refer to him overcompensating for something. She, on the other hand, had always been secretive on how she was using her immense stores of Dust... until now that is.

Emperor Zelevas could now only watch the comm links as his new battleship's maiden voyage was interrupted by a Dust-fuelled goddess, mocking his military achievement while satisfying her womanly needs.

Story by AKAKA
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (3200x4496)

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