Fe Fi Fo Cum

Jack looked up and saw the titanic pussy over him as he held tight to the fake cock head under him. The Giantess boomed with laughter. "Poor boy! you tried to enter my lair and steal that which is rightfully mine? Now, you will get your just desserts! I am not hungry for a snack! But my poor famished pussy will gobble you up!!"

Her dark lips spread and instantly he was blasted by a strong hot wave of pussy air. The smell made his head swoon. He looked up and the sky was just hair, sweat and pink meat; undulating and pulsing. He was really going to be swallowed by this giant woman's pussy. His short life was going to end by becoming lost within the infinite folds of her womanhood.

A thick rope of juice nearly hit him as it dripped onto the faux-cockhead; she was lowering herself slowly and the heat and smell grew too intense for Jack. The giantess yelled again "FE FI FO FAM, I SMELL THE DICK OF A TINY MAN. BE HE SMART OR BE HE RUDE. I'LL USE HIM UP AS PUSSY FOOD!"

She lowered herself until she eclipsed the head of the giant dildo. Jack's world was just heat, and vaginal smell. There was no light and he could hear the booming of a giant heart, somewhere within the mountain of a woman he was in. Juices quickly filed up the space he was in and he began choking on the thick slime that was filling his mouth. He could hear her husky, muffled moans as she rode the dildo.

Jack was repeatedly pushed up to the cervix as she completely lowered herself onto the fake cock with each of her lusty thrusts. Finally, he felt the cervix hold him and he was swallowed again into it. He was no longer in the vaginal canal. He looked back and saw the cervical portal slowly close and as he ran to its entrance it shut tight. He tried pounding on it and budging the hole open, but it was of no use. He didn't have much time to lament that he was entombed in the uterus of a giant woman. He felt himself start to melt. It wasn't painful; in fact, it was rather pleasurable. In fact, it was beyond pleasure! He tasted the liquid he was becoming and realized that this was female ejaculate. He was becoming some giant woman's cum and he didn't care. He heard the booming moans from outside; before, her voice was feminine but now it was deep, resonating and lusty.

His last thoughts were how he was about to become a forgotten drop of cum and how terrible and fantastic this experience had been. The giantess came like a geyser and sprayed for what seemed like ages. Her cum shot outside her window and down through the clouds. On earth below, the people went inside to avoid the rain.

Jack was never seen again.

Story by zamaz
Artwork by Enroc

High resolution (3000x4636)

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