Final Exam

Ms. Lola a sensual,sexy and horny professor of anatomy at a local university has always had a passion for her students. She wants them to know the human body well,especially the female. At the end of the semester when it comes time for finals she uses her giantess capabilities and shrinks her entire classroom. Gathering them up for their final exam which is to please her. She looks forward to this every graduation although the number of missing alumni might be a problem down the road. This group she has been waiting extra long for. She started with two sorority girls as she settled upon her desk and opened her curvy ,thick thighs. The first sorority girl slid inside Lola quickly as the second tries to grab to keep from going deep inside Lola's waiting love tunnel. In shock and awe the rest of the student body tries to scramble and run for it. Lola grabs the crowd and pushes them toward her now wet pussy. Some manage to get between her fingers and try to run toward the edge of the desk where there is nowhere to go. They watch as their fellow peers are all inserted inside Lola. She enjoys their struggles and notices the escapee's ,they too are ''snatched up'' (sorry for pun) she usually takes no prisoners when it comes to finals. Then she heads back to her country to wait for her next anatomy class to start.

Story by zub
Artwork by SednaStudio-QWZ

High resolution (2480x3507)

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