Final Flask at Castle Dimitrescu

Everything is pitch black, and silent... then the faint sounds of helicopters can be heard within the far off distance, accompanied by the harsh, bitter winds. The darkness slowly meshes with the white, cold snow, as Ethan Winters comes to from the epic standoff he had with Karl Heisenberg.

Sluggishly picking himself up, Ethan hugs his shivering torso, eagerly walking toward the fire blazing wreckage where the cybernetic beast lays lifeless. Attempting to warm himself up beside the scattered fires, he notices a familiar looking lever within the scrapped heaps of junk. Picking it up, Ethan recognizes this electric taped lever is just what he needed in order to finally enter Castle Dimitrescu. His original attempt to invade the castle was ironically foiled by Heisenberg himself. Ethan previously figured Heisenberg's freakish metal manipulating powers ripped the lever straight off and got lost when they first met. "Hm... you broke it you bought it, huh?" Ethan mutters, as he gazes off into the rusted burial site.

More helicopters zoom above Ethan, and he notices they're heading towards the burning village. "I need to head into the castle and save Rose! The final flask must be there! Maybe even Mother Miranda..." Ethan states as he stashes away the lever and looks directly at the castle. Rubbing his hands together rapidly, shrugging off the cold, Ethan briskly treads in the direction of the village. Chaos erupts in quite possibly every direction within the village. Houses are flailing down, bullets are firing off left and right, shouting can be heard from the invading squadron, and the explosions feel as if they're engulfing the night sky because there's so many. As much as Ethan wants to assist these soldiers in battle against the mutated, he hastily bum rushes closer onto the path that leads at the castle entrance. "I--I need to hurry! Every minute counts! They... they should be able to handle themselves anyway..." Ethan hesitantly speaks.

Finally, Ethan returns to where this frightful journey of his was just getting started. Inside the dank caverns stands a complex looking door with gears aligned against it. The spot that once had a lever to unlock the door was now being repaired by Ethan. After a moment of fidgeting and whispered curses towards himself, he manages to achieve a one time use out of the lever, seeing it just broke off again. The grinding gears roared, and went click clack in a steady motion, granting access to a courtyard that leads into the castle entrance.

Landed helicopters beside this wooden caravan are instantly seen beside the castle's main entrance. As Ethan draws closer, his good ol' business partner comes waddling out from the back of his timbered sanctuary. The Duke, a cherub faced, larger than life merchant who assists Ethan throughout his entire travels within this corrupted village let's out a chuckle. While dusting off his billowing attire, he peers over at Ethan, an upmost valued customer to him. The Duke burbling to Ethan, "Oh good, you finally made it! Quite the sight, Castle Dimitrescu. Pleased you finally get to witness the structure up close, eh?" The Duke rubbing his hands delightfully, still chattering. "Wouldn't want my number one customer missing out on the experience, or the astonishing valuables that reside inside, no?"

"I don't have time for this..." Ethan says as passively as possible. "Also, I have no need for your wares right now. I'm more than suited to take this witch out. You said it yourself that Heisenberg was the most dangerous of the four lords, and he's taken care of." Ethan confidently states, now eyeballing the helicopters. "Looks like I may even have some reinforcements too." He says with hope in his guts.

The Duke releases an even louder, longer chuckle. "Oh, Mister Winters..." the Duke cautiously pauses. "Things change. Big, big alterations have been occurring within that castle!" He then switches his overall tone from stern back to cheery. "But as always, I wish you the best fortune." The Duke chuckles one last time, as it fades away while Ethan inches closer towards the main entrance of the castle. More words spouting from the raspy voice of the Duke can be heard, but almost inaudible to Ethan now. Ethan swears he heard him say something along the lines of, "When you do make it out, tell me all about that waistline!" But it's difficult to say, as Ethan now harnesses his entire focus and anticipation for the evil that resides inside, handgun at the ready. He body slams himself through the doorway, aiming in every direction that may spawn a vicious attack, yet nothing is present in this dimly lit section of the castle. Pacing himself steadily into the main hall, he notices blood scattered throughout the tile floor, not yet knowing what new formidable obstacle accompanies it... Multiple sources of manic cackling echo throughout the main hall as Ethan finds himself swarmed and ambushed by bloat flies. Hopelessly swatting the tiny pests away, they eventually retreat, revealing a titanic terror glaring from above.

The already transcendental and imposing Alcina Dimitrescu, now laid abnormally prodigious amongst the entire main hall, her pale flesh glimmering against the minimal light sources. She stretches her limbs across the extremely cramped space, forcing her already strained and tattered elegant dress to stress even further. Pristine statues of armor, sofas, tables and anything else caught within her humongously hazardous path, crashes and grinds down into crumbled pieces. Ethan shuffles around the main floor to avoid a piece of furniture squishing him in the process. A deep, feral growl rumbles from within the windpipes of this alluring monster, showing off a villainous smile. The crazed laughter bursts from different points of the room once more.... The various flock of bloat flies return, morphing into the three dark-cloaked daughters of Lady Dimitrescu.

These filthy, yet bewitching females stand scattered amongst the main hall with their obnoxious laughing. They too possess unnatural heights that are almost triple the size of Ethan. "My my my... Ethan Winters! So you managed to rid me of my annoying, little siblings." Alcina booms proudly. "Oh yes, the eye of Castle Dimitrescu stretches far and wide, and you've been quite the busy body." The robust madam proclaims. "Enough!" Ethan angrily shouts at Alcina. "I've come for the flask! I know it's here!" He raises his handgun toward the supreme being.

"What was it that my pathetic brother said to me? Oh, yes!" Alcina says after licking and slurping any small remainders of what was left inside a barrel nearby. "'Keep growing, one day your head might actually fit your ego!' Well then..." she pauses, swiftly chucking the barrel directly at Ethan, forcing him to tuck and roll away from the collision. The entire room quakes and blurts out a boisterous sound, for the large lady grows ever so larger, exhausting the structure with her obscure fleshy mass. "It'll certainly be more than my head that'll grow!" Alcina grunts fiercely, her livid body becoming more exposed. "Girls! Let's take care of this puny man-meat! I hunger for more!" She shrieks with tremendous passion. "Of course!" The three devious women speak in unison, taking their time inching closer to the intimidated prey.

"I've made it this far and you think I'm giving up now?!" Ethan vents out, cocking his handgun back. He then smoothly grabs a pipe bomb from his jacket. "For Rose..." Ethan softly speaks. The explosive device begins to beep...

Story by Tator
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (3000x1688)

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