Getting Ready

Rick had been staying over at his friend Jerry’s house when all of a sudden the floor disappeared, and they fell through a hole into a dark cavern. In the dark, the two boys screamed for help, but all they heard was the echo of their own voices. Far above them, it looked like a hole in the sky, with Jerry’s room just beyond it. However, just as soon as it occurred, the hole closed. For hours the boys wandered around, trying to figure out where they were. They came across a large draping cloth, which seemed like a curtain of some sort. With no other option, and the boys starting to feel a combination of fatigue, dehydration, and a desperation of time, they took hold and started to climb the fabric in order to reach higher ground to gain some form of perspective on their situation.

No sooner had Rick and Jerry made it to a summit, the world suddenly burst into light. With seismic booms, a Mountain entered the cave with thunderous steps. The cave was now lit up to reveal a massive bathroom, with Rick and Jerry standing at one end of a massive counter and sink. The two young men stared in dumb fear at the colossal woman as she, without awareness of them, pulled off her giant gigantic wardrobe and started to slide into a black sheet that soon contorted to her form and turn into a skimpy, red cocktail dress.

Jerry was the first to recognize his neighbor, Ms. Michelle Turner. “Michele, Michele, down here!” Jerry screamed, but the giantess took no notice. Bending over, she slid her feet into stiletto heels that looked like they could substitute for flagpoles. Jerry, thinking quickly, ran to the nearest object he could in order to get additional height, hoping his neighbor would notice him. It was, however, too late before he realized his mistake. Jerry stepped into what, to him, was an oil gel that clung to his feet and dragged him down.

Suddenly, a shadow fell over him, and Jerry looked up to see Michele‘s, massive, manicured, red nails, reaching down. She picked up a brush, and before Jerry could even scream, the soft end fell upon him smashing him further into the oily goop. Rick stared in utter shock as his friend ran off, and then subsequently disappeared as the giantess applied what looked like concealer. Rick thought he could hear Jerry’s voice fading as the massive woman’s hand revved up the brush to her cheeks. In terror, Rick started to run to the edge, waving his hands and screaming for Jerry, all while Ms. Michelle Turner was blissfully, unaware.

Story by GTSfan80s
Artwork by Sedna Studio_Jin

High resolution (3300x5100)

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