Giant Danger Zone Lana Kane

Dr. Krieger was putting the finishing touches on his new growth ray device when Lana and Archer walked in to collect the gear they needed for their next mission. Well, LANA walked in. Archer, on the other hand, was his usual drunken self and stumbled in. It is important to note that Archer drunkenly stumbled into the laboratory, because that explains why he tripped and accidentally pushed the device's activation button.

The device emitted a strange beam, which missed Archer and hit Lana. Within seconds, she was outgrowing her clothing... then the room... then the rest of their headquarters.

Lana, now 100 feet tall and naked in the middle of New York City, desperately fought to remain calm and reclaim some of her lost dignity as she covered her body. Through gritted teeth she assured herself that her new height would only be temporary embarrassment and that her day couldn't get any worse... which is right about when she felt another beam envelop her body, causing the process to start all over again.


Story by Dante123
Artwork by Davide Tinto, Slasher

High resolution (7016x9921)

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