Giant-Woman Squad Vol.1: Women of Mass Destruction

Big problems need big heroes. An elite task force of female SHIELD agents, empowered with the ability to become unstoppable titans, the Giant-Woman Squad was amongst America's greatest protection against threats of both mundane and fantastical origins until the rouge A.I. Ultron destroyed it, leaving only Captain Yuri Watanabe as the unit lone survivor.

Determined to restore the Giant-Woman Squad to its former glory, Yuri assembled a crack team of specialists to join the newest incarnation of the squad, only to have the last samples of growth serum be stolen by foreign agents and then land in the hands of a group of three young, female adults; the brilliant and ambitious Mary Jane Watson, the athletic and temperamental Gwen Stacy, and the sweet and spirited Kitty Pryde. They now have the power to tower over skyscrapers, despite being barely old enough to vote.

Unable to reverse the girl's transformation, Yuri has, against her better judgement, recruited them as junior agents of the squad. Alongside her science advisor, Doctor Rio Morales, Yuri must forge this inexperienced and desynchronized trio into an elite fighting team, able to overcome any threat of any size. Mary Jane, Gwen, and Kitty face the most significant challenge in their young adult lives yet, as they become… Giant-Woman Squad 2.0.

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Octo_Lui Antonio

High resolution (2025x3150)

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