Giving Little Master a Hand

John has, for as long as he remembers, been the smallest member of the family at 4 inches tall. Doctors and scientists called it a miracle that was even able to live at his size, but John thought of it as a curse.

Having over-protective parents, John has never been allowed outside to make any friends. The only friend that he has in the entire world is the maid of the house: Maria.

Born in Venezuela, Maria has been a part of the family for many years. At first, Maria was surprisingly timid around John, but a friendship soon blossomed between them.

As time passed, Maria and John's friendship developed into something more closely resembling love. So, once John hit his 18th birthday, Maria started entering John's room at night after his parents went to sleep...

Story by Cobra007
Artwork by Vincenzo Sansone, Mohan

High resolution (2064x3132)

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