Goddess Sarah and Demigod Tyler

Tyler's mind was having trouble keeping up with the increasingly surreality of his adventure.

"How are we even breathing, let alone living, in open space?"

Sarah chuckled.

"You silly! We are divine beings now... just how you have been divine every time we've... well, you know."

Tyler blushed, giving off enough energy to ignite a thousand stars.

"Ah... t-thank you, Sarah."

Sarah smiled at her (compared to her) tiny lover.

"And we aren't done just yet! The portal is still open and I want to get even larger and more powerful... and I want you to grow as well."

Tyler nodded.

"I would like that."

Tyler then pointed to Sarah's chest.

"Will those hold up?"

Sarah giggled.

"Oh, they will be fine. They might even become celestials as we grow!"

Sarah smirked as she glanced down at the billions of worlds being protected and kept warm between her breasts, with Earth being the largest and most loved by it's former inhabitants (although all sapient life was being safely supported by Sarah's cleavage).

"I have and love them, just as I have and love you, Tyler."

It was a nice sentiment for Sarah to share as she warped space and time by pushing herself through the portal. Sarah smiled down at Tyler and her 'little ones'.

"I am going to become so large, my cells will contain within them never-ending big bangs, matter, or energy! Life will blossom within me, from the smallest recesses of my body to the largest patches of skin. I will evolve beyond a mere Goddess. I will become the fount of creation... and you, Tyler, will be beside me with the planets we protect. Maybe when I am big enough you will help me with creating some new omni-versial children?"

As Sarah coyly looked down at her womb, Tyler nodded with a gulp that was equal parts arousal and worry.

"Sure thing, Sarah."

Story by O
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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