Goes the Spoils

In the not too distant future, after a major war, many people were forced out of one side of a continent due to possible radiation and destruction. The ability to turn soldiers to super soldiers through advanced growth hormones are now being used by a television network corporation on female slaves in gladiator-style battles, broadcast for the people for their entertainment. The fights happen in the abandoned cities, which are now safe for people, but for short periods of time. Cameras are installed all over the area, on buildings and aerial towers, and flying planes, helicopters and specialized blimps with added titan-trons go around the city to also record the action. Women are captured, and conditioned to fight from a young age. Cranial Implants into the skull, under the skin, keep them in check by suggesting certain rules that they must abide. One such rule is that clothing for the fighters are strictly forbidden, all previous memories are wiped out, and no names are used anymore, but numbers are used instead. Because a women without a name, past or clothing is not a person, but property. As a response, no fighter has any inhibitions about their body, and no longer desire to be covered up. Collars are worn to maintain control with shock sensations for punishment and GPS location in case they escape, which is unlikely nowadays. Growth hormone training causes the women to grow and shrink under their own control, but with the collars and constant monitoring, they know only grow on the battle field, and are normal size in their prison-like living center. Punished women face a night in a tiny box, and are injected with a chemical that forces them to shrink to 6 inches tall, and temporarily stunt their growing for a period of time. All the fighter women are complacent to the rules, except one has shown resistance. The one numbered 6. After breaking into the prison hair salon after hours, she has intentionally cut and dyed her hair to spite her masters. She has also mouthed off to many in front of, and away from the cameras. She has been punished many times, and fought many lobsided battles to try to tame her, but nothing has slowed her attempts at being different from the others. Her rebellious ways has lead her to have a fanbase bigger than the other fighters, mostly the poor and middle-class citizens. As a result, the network executives to want to end her and her disobedience, because it teaches the fighters and the citizens to defy the rule of law. This next fight had a stipulation that the winner gets her freedom. 6's opponent is the current reigning undefeated champion, 90. And with the networks secretly and discretely helping 90 win, they thought that 6 can be killed, live on pay-per-view, and have it look like an accident and never speak about her again after the initial reaction. What followed is that 6 won the fight, and celebrates. What she doesn't know is that there is no freedom prize and she is to be killed the next day. The one guard who knows that she is to be killed will help her escape and hide. After a long hard battle, two women entered, and one exited as the winner. She was won her freedom from the Network. ... Or has she?

Story by Standard Error
Artwork by SednaStudio-QWZ

High resolution (2480x3507)

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