Going Up? Going Down? Going In!

Matt always knew he would meet the right woman one day. While he was inclined for a woman with giant breasts, he was the type who would at least settle for a great personality. His neighbor Janice, however, had both. Now he just needed to figure out if his crush on her was purely out of lust or something more.

It took a very expensive trip to the "shrinking" section at the potion shop to get what he needed. The potion would shrink him the closer he got to Janice's monstrous boobs. He drank the slimy gunk and didn't like it one bit.

He was in the elevator, ready to go up and try to meet Janice. Looking down, he saw his shoe was untied. Matt squatted down to retie it. When the elevator doors suddenly opened, he looked up and saw that Janice was approaching. He wasn't ready!

He jumped up.

Bad idea.

As Janice walked into the elevator, the potion took rapid effect. Matt shrank to half his height before she even looked in his general direction. He reached for her shirt, hoping to get her attention. She shifted her stance, and his hand brushed against one of her massive breasts. As he shrank again, Matt grabbed onto the opening of Janice's shirt that exposed her cleavage. His clothes fell off from his new stature. Her chest was so heavy, she barely noticed the additional weight. As he pulled himself up, the small space between her gargantuan orbs grew.

Finally... Matt sat there, inside of Janice's shirt. He used her bra as a foothold. He looked to his left and right, her breasts staring him down like a sentient canyon. He tenderly reached out to her right breast with a shaky left hand. When it touched, he immediately shrank again. He sat on the bra. He looked up and saw Janice's face between the two mountains. She hadn't even reacted.

Hopefully, Matt could get away at some point without being noticed and grow back. That however, could take awhile.

The potion lasted for 24 hours.

Story by reedman
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (3150x2024)

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