Great Marvels!

The day started so well for Giant-Man (Peter Parker) and Giant-Woman (Mary Jane Watson) of Earth-20052. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and even a surprise attack by a giant anime robot could not put a dent in their good mood. Then suddenly, they were teleported (alongside a large chunk of Manhattan) to a distant part of space, surrounded by giantesses almost a hundred times bigger than Peter and MJ.

They were the Council of Great Marvels, whose gigantic members included the Almighty Storm (Ororo Munroe of Earth-15002). As her Earth became overrun by Loki's army of frost giants, Ororo took on the mantle of her deceased lover Giant-Girl (Janet Van Dyne), as well as the hammer of her fallen teammate Thor. With both the growth serum and power of Mjolnir, Ororo became a true goddess as her now-titanic form enabled her to alter weather patterns on a galactic scale.

There was also Galacta (Susan Storm of Earth-667), who had killed her reality's version of Galactus in retaliation for slaughtering the rest of the Fantastic Four upon the world devourer's first arrival on Earth. Susan absorbed her fallen foe's cosmic energies and became the new Galactus, consumed with the same hunger as her predecessor. Galacta has resolved herself to only ravage worlds ruled by the worst beings in the universe, becoming a cosmic punisher that devours one galaxy-spanning empire after the other in her pursuit of justice.

Then there was Ms. Power (Kamala Spears of Earth-9602), a young woman of African-American and Pakistani descent, whose powers of size alteration were further enhanced after her idol, Captain Power (Karen Danvers), donated some of her genetic material to save Kamala's life following a near-fatal fight with the dark god Thanoseid. With her new Kreetonian genes supporting her body, Kamala can now grow to the size of a small planet without effort.

After her was The Jade Empress (Jennifer Walters of Earth-893), ruler of a post-apocalyptic Earth. This version of She-Hulk injected herself with a mixture of Pym particles, Stark nano-bots, and cosmic rays, becoming an indestructible giantess that quickly conquered what remained of civilization on her world. As the Earth rebuilds itself under her iron fist, the Jade Empire looks eagerly to expand its dominion to other planets.

And finally, there was the great leader of the council, the being known as Eternity Wasp (Janet Van Dyne of Earth-4477). Caught in the middle of an explosion caused by all of her reality's six infinity stones being shattered at the same time, Wasp gained the entirety of their combined god-like powers. All-powerful and all-knowing, Wasp didn't just grow to the size of her reality's universe; she actually IS the universe now, containing thousands, if not millions of galaxies within her frame.

The council brought Peter and MJ forth to them. They sensed a growing threat inside the universe of Earth-20052. A threat which, if left unchecked, would not only endanger their reality but potentially the entire multiverse. Unable to act on their own without risking the destruction of this particular universe with their awesome might, the council decided instead to find champions that they could empower to deal with the threat. Now, Peter and MJ must become bigger than ever before, or else their universe is doomed.

And to think, the day started so peacefully...

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Milton Estevam

High resolution (4637x6745)

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