Growth Academy: Upstaged and Outsized

"I don't know. Why did she jump on the toad?"

"Because the old man said 'HOP to it'!"

Alice fumed as the students in the auditorium erupted in laughter, giving what was by far one of the best reactions of the night. How could they be so easily swayed by that overgrown beanpole? Well, there was her "dummy", played by Honoka-san. She was pretty good at the energetic but rigid flailing, like a dummy's real jointed limbs, but that probably wasn't why they were cheering for "Knocker-Chan", not with every inch from her neck to knees covered in boob-flesh. Naomi wasn't much to look at, either. Aside from being the tallest woman in school, even among the other giants, Naomi was of modest curvature and unassuming nature. Who would have thought, as little as she talked in social situations, that she'd be able to throw her voice so accurately?

Alice hmph-ed as the audience broke into laughter again. Peasants! What would they know of talent? She'd show them, she'd been training as a singer her whole life, and she was going to blow them away with her rendition of the closing aria of Gotterdammerung for sure and claim first prize!

"It's not over until the fat lady sings!" Alice exclaimed, eyes widening as she clamped a hand over her mouth. She hoped no one had heard her say that out loud, or she'd never hear the end of it!

Story by SoylentOrange
Artwork by Altercomics-FRANTIC

High resolution (2431x3904)

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