Growth Is Strange

Max Caulfield had the ability travel through time. She didn't know how she gained her power, but that didn't stop her from using it. With her power, she managed to solve a mystery, help her fellow townsfolk, and get her best friend Chloe Price to fall in love with her. However, after investigating her power, she found out there were alternate timelines in which she made different choices. These infinite alternate timelines were creating an influx of energy that was pouring into all the timelines through cracks in reality. These cracks were slowly unraveling the timelines, which would mean they’re destruction.

Scared for all of existence, Max had made a decision that would save everyone and all other timelines by sacrificing herself. Using her power, she began channeling the energy through her and into a separate dimension that had replicated Earth, but no one on it. However, the energy couldn’t just be left in the dimension, it needed a vessel, and Max decided to choose herself. Saying her goodbyes secretly to her friends and family as she was about to leave, but she was stopped by her girlfriend who wasn't going to let Maxx go by herself.

As they traveled into the empty dimension together to live there for the rest of their lives, they began their mission of becoming vessels of energy of time. As the energy began entering their bodies, it flowed like water slowly filling them up with power. This newfound energy made them restless as they began kissing, then started having full on sex with no exhaustion.

Eventually, the energy that flowed into them had filled them, but kept pouring into them. With no where else to go, the energy had then began enlarging the girls to try and fit the eternal energy of time into them. Soon, Max Caulfield and Chloe Price were increasing their pace as they grinded they’re growing bodies against each other. They felt their pleasure skyrocket as they became larger by the minute. Before long, they were the size of their hometown and still growing. They could feel a growing, raging storm inside them, they felt it ravishing their bodies as they kissed passionately, trapped together and growing together for all of eternity while absorbing bits of every alternate timeline.

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by Seduction Studio_Celestin

High resolution (2667x1928)

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