Guinevere's Travels Part 1

Starting to panic, Guinevere moved her arms and shoulders, and very quickly, they became free. Tearing any ropes across her chest, she sat up and reached over to break away the ones over her legs. She could see more men were approaching from either side and they were about to throw more lines to bring her back down.

The minute her feet were free, she quickly launched up and stood over the entire ensemble of little people. She finally got her first good look at them. Only a few of them came above her foot. Spinning on the spot, she was able to fend off any of them trying to grapple her legs or body to bring her back down.

She noticed she was standing on sand as she felt the tiny grains on her bare feet, and glanced toward the sea as a pang of sorrow went through her mind. She could see no evidence of her vessel. All she could see was the ocean going toward the horizon, but it was blocked by about 200 feet (well... of her feet) of an immense wall of fog from the shoreline. The fog was so thick she doubted that she could see her hand in front of her face if caught in it. In that instant, she looked at the coast. The citizens of this land had successfully roped her legs, and unbeknown to her, had a tranquilizer dart ready and shot her in the thigh. She reached towards the prick before she started to lose consciousness and was unable to get a word out before falling forward.

Story by McDiesel92
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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