He Goes Where She Goes

Selma turned to leave, but stopped herself as she remembered.

“Oh! Gloria, check this out.”

Selma pulled a chair out a bit from the table and set her booted right foot on it. She lifted the leg of her jeans to reveal the knee-high boot… and Gloria gasped in surprise, then laughed and leaned in closer.

Mike’s wrists and ankles were tied together with string, wrapped around the ankle part of Selma boot, making use of the fancy buckles and knotted to another piece of string that was tied at the top. His limbs were just long enough, and, judging by the painful expression on his miniature face, it was very uncomfortable. There was also a rubber band across his waist, holding him tightly.

Gloria poked his chest with her finger, and pulled, ever so lightly, on one of his arms. The shrunken man winced in agony, and she casually withdrew her finger. “That’s amazing, Selma,” Gloria said, applauding her sister, “I never would have thought of trying that.”

Selma beamed, lowering her pants leg down and setting her foot back on the floor. “Yeah, I figured that was a pretty cool way of keeping my little slave with me.” Her cheeks flushed. “It’s such a turn-on, knowing he’s there. Imagine: a little person tied helplessly to my boots!” She was obviously excited. “I don’t even really notice his weight.”

“Where’s that little pig of a brother of ours?” Gloria asked. She knew Selma had shrunk their brother Doug even further, but wasn’t sure how much.

Selma waved in dismissal. “Oh, I left him in my right boot from yesterday and wrapped up in panty hose. He’s not going anywhere.”

“Selma, are you sure that’s a good idea?” Emily asked, concerned more about what would happen if her husband - their father - found out, rather than worrying for Doug’s safety. “Your father could be home any day now.”

Selma scoffed. “We’ve got a plan to take care of that if he does,” she said with a knowing glance at Gloria (who grinned back at her).

"Well,” Selma announced, “I’m outta here."

Again she stopped. "Oh… and the device is in my other boot, if you… happen to need it,” Selma said in a low tone to Gloria. Her eyes darted towards their distracted stepmother, who had started walking upstairs to her bedroom, high-heels clicking. Gloria nodded, but her eyes narrowed as she watched Selma leave...

Story by Rojoviento
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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