Her Favorite Game

Ever since I stole a prototype shrink-ray from my lab at work, I have a new favorite game I love to play. I find an unsuspecting man, someone who is a complete and total stranger, and I shrink him! This guy could be literally anybody. Maybe it's a neighbor that lives on the other side of the apartment complex, maybe it's the pizza delivery guy, or it can even be just a stranger off the street. Doesn't matter. But once I pick him out, I just need to make sure no one else is around, and then shrink him down when he's not looking.

The shrinking process knocks him out, so he doesn't even know what happened. I then pick him up and take him back to my apartment. Once I'm home, I check my phone to see how much time is left before he wakes up. The guy is usually knocked out for about twenty minutes, so a few minutes before that I slide him into the back of my panties and then hold then open so he's able to see when he wakes up. When he first opens his eyes, he has no idea where he is, or how he got there. He probably doesn't even know that he shrank at first since so few people in the world even know the technology exists. However, it usually doesn't take him very long to figure out where he is.

Although he's not used to seeing it from such a small scale, his tiny brain puts it all together as he realizes that the cotton wall behind him is a pair of cute panties, that the massive, fleshy globes in front of him are butt-cheeks, the massive, dark valley between them is a butt-crack, and why the light odor that he awoke to, which was not very pleasant, seemed oddly familiar. Once he realizes where he's at, he panics. That's my cue to start slowly closing the back of my panties and seal him inside, making his world become darker and darker, little by little.

This will drive him into even more of a panic. He may know where he's at, but he still has no idea how he got there. He doesn't even know if I know he's back there. He's so scared because he doesn't know why any of this is happening or how to stop it, and once the back of my panties are closed, those questions don't matter as he starts to worry about the future. Can he escape on his own? Should he try to get my attention? Should he worry about my panties eventually starting to slowly ride up the crack of my ass until he's face to face with the giant, wrinkled orifice between my butt-cheeks? From my experience, the answer to that last question is always yes. I don't mean for it to happen, but it always does. I don't mind though. I'm always entertained with how much their wiggling intensifies when that happens, I assume because the light odor isn't so "light" since he's so close to where it was emanating from.

It's a pretty entertaining day... at least for me. The whole day I get to feel him squirm and panic as he tries to escape, or signal me for help, or whatever it is he's doing with all that commotion back there, and I get to laugh about all the horrible thoughts and questions running through his mind, because he doesn't know anything other than he is somehow shrunken in the back of a girl's panties. He doesn't even know who the girl is! He only sees my butt, hears my voice, and twenty-four hours later I knock him unconscious again and let him wake up normal sized in the middle of nowhere so he doesn't even know if it was real, and that... is my new favorite activity.

Story by Newschool2626
Artwork by Studio Arieta_TZ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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