Hexes and Oh's

The townspeople had gathered in the town square after Morgan was found guilty of being a witch and practicing sorcery. It was Isabelle, a young woman of considerable beauty, who made the first accusation when she found out Morgan was after her boyfriend Peter.

Morgan didn't deny the accusation. In fact, she fully admitted that she was planning on stealing Peter away for herself and had considered some "unnatural" means of doing so. She only laughed as the townspeople tied her to the stake and prepared to light the wood around her...

Just before the fire could catch, Morgan called down one final spell. As the witch's voice chanted... an echo filled the town. The ropes that bound the sorceress begin to tighten as her clothes shrank and her body started to expand! The townsfolk gasped in horror as Morgan continue to grow and grow. The stake that held her splintered and fell away as Morgan reached her final height and towered over them all!

Filled with fear at the sight of the gigantic woman, the mob of would-be executioners fled down the street. Morgan continued to laugh as she stomped after them so that she could have her revenge.

It only took Morgan a moment to find Peter. She picked her tiny captive up and then turned her attention towards. Isabelle. Morgan's accuser helplessly tried to escape, but it was mere seconds before the massive witch seized her as well.

Morgan stood triumphant with her tiny prisoners in hand and a town's worth of playthings at her feet.

Story by bluedog79
Artwork by inksGirls

High resolution (3300x5100)

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