Honey, I Blew Up Your Wife

On a bright, sunny morning, during the height of the spring season, Scarlet began her day with a nice cup of coffee before tending to her small garden in the suburbs, close to the loud, unforgiving freeways where the sun barely shines on her crops.

She had always woken up to high hopes, only to be disappointed with the turn out of her crops. Once she moves towards the window, only in her robe that's just covering her bra and panties, she sighs in disappointment, looking outside to see the lack of any growth. She returns to bed, plopping herself down, feeling little energy. She is then embraced by her husband, spooning her from behind, softly kissing her neck. "I’ll call someone to help mend them, sweetie” he whispers to her softly, easing her back to sleep. She moans in happiness, softly grinding and getting settled in.

About an hour later, she hears a knock on the door, and her husband gets out of bed to answer it. She lurks from their room, seeing him accept a delivery that contained fertilizer that helps plants grow. She softly smiles from the effort he was putting in, then walks towards him to lean in for a kiss. He embraces her lips, making a “mwah” sound in sync. “Thank you, honey” she says and smiles at him. He hands her a pouch with fertilizer replying "You’re welcome, love.” He smiles and then goes to get some coffee and read the newspaper.

In the barren garden, Scarlet begins to use the fertilizer alongside the plants, watering them around the aisles a couple of times and impatiently waiting. She huffs from tiredness and sits bored watching the plants grow. She lays the open bag of fertilizer on the porch with some of it accidentally slipping into her cup of coffee. She hears a small plopping sound, looking around before shrugging it off and sipping onto her coffee.

However, she quickly coughs it out, looking in disgust from the weird taste it suddenly has. Suddenly, she feels the ground slightly move, rumbling as her plants grow rapidly, along with small bugs growing as big as the average dog. She shrieks from fright, running back to the house to see her husband. He looks out the window and saw what the fertilizer can do. It could made bugs as big as dogs, bunnies as big as elephants. birds as big as pterodactyls, and her own flowers as big as redwoods. Then he made a horrible discovery that Scarlet had some of that stuff spill into her coffee.

"WHAT?!" she shrieked, then she started growing into a giantess, much to her shock, as well as her husband’s. Her pair of jeans, her shirt, her bra, her tights and undies all ripped off, leaving her totally naked, and then KABOOM went the house, leaving it in rubble as her breasts swelled to mammoth proportions becoming large, heavy and bouncy, as Scarlet grew to 300ft tall.

Her husband was horrified his wife had become a giant monster. All the people in the local neighborhood were screaming and shouting, rushing about in panic. "ROAR" she yelled, as she beat her huge boobs like King Kong. She was no longer a petite housewife, for she had grown into a rampaging giantess. She then grabbed her husband and went on a rampage though the city.

Story by mevalen
Artwork by J. Mariano Luengo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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