Honey, I Shrank and Blew Ourselves

John was working on his new matter exchange ray, which would allow the user to shrink or grow matter. He wanted to use it to help end world hunger. After many months and late nights, John was getting the ray ready for its final testing phase.

Kate, his devoted wife, had supported him through the hard times and lonely nights. Seeing him happy with his latest breakthrough made her happy as well. She knew it was going to be another late night, but hopefully it was going to be the last.

As John warmed up the machine, Kate headed down into his "lab" in their basement to kiss him goodnight. John fired the machine at a piece of fruit: it worked! The fruit shrank! Now, John just needed to test the reverse effect. With a few adjustments, John fired the ray again. This time, the fruit returned to its original size. John was overjoyed, the project was a success!

Kate smiled as she watched the experiment, she was so happy for John. John saw Kate and hugged and kissed her. They knew that things were going to be great for them from now on.

However, as they headed towards the stairs to go to bed, the machine started to malfunction. John went to see what was wrong, but was surprised by a sudden, bright light.

John awoke to what he thought were simple bed sheets. When his eyes refocused, he realizes that the fabric surrounding him was actually his clothing. The machine had shrunk him down to a inch in size! Looking around, he could see huge pair of pink slippers. Luckily for him, Kate was still wearing them. He headed towards them.

Meanwhile, Kate saw the pile of clothes on the floor and leaned over, hoping to find a trace of John. As she did, she felt on odd sensation. A button popped off her top and fired towards John.

He just managed to avoid the button's impact. That's when he heard a loud ripping sound coming from just up ahead. It was Kate's slippers. John watched in horror as Kate's toes were opening up the fronts of her slippers and getting larger.

He was in a real bind now. The machine had not only affected him... but his wife Kate too.

Story by Slapdash
Artwork by Pasquale Qualano, Ylenia Di Napoli

High resolution (3541x5016)

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