Honey, I Shrunk Team Arrow

After successfully completing the mission to retrieve their friend Ray Palmers' Atom suit prototype and returning to the Bunker, Green Arrow and his team realize that the suit was damaged in the last battle. Unfortunately, this knowledge came just as it blew up, catching them all in a wave of blue energy. The next thing Oliver Queen knows, he and his entire team of vigilantes have been shrunk to the exact size of ants!

Oliver is explaining to the team that they have to get back to the remains of the Atom suit to see if they can reverse their shrunken state, when the doors of the Bunker's elevator open, and Felicity Smoak (a.k.a. Overwatch, a team member and Oliver's significant other) enters their headquarters. At first, the team is relieved, hoping their normal-sized team member can help unshrink them. However, as she comes closer, they all see just how small they really are, how big she is to them, and how hopeless it is to get her attention.

It even seems impossible to talk amongst themselves, as the "click-clack" sounds of Felicity's high heels are loud enough to drown out almost all other sounds. Now standing right above them, Felicity remains unaware, turning in place in an attempt to find her missing teammates.

Oliver and the team start to run, but it seems futile, as Felicity's seemingly-apartment-building-sized high heeled foot is about to come down on all four of them at once!

Story by Jean-Michel Giss
Artwork by Josè

High resolution (3300x5100)

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