I Guess It Could Be Worse

All James had wanted was to find a cure for his dwarfism, so he hadn't cared to consider the potential consequences of testing his new drug on himself without first testing it on lab rats. Fortunately for him, the drug worked and he had grown. He was still short in comparison to the average man, but it was definitely an improvement over his original state.

However, his drug had an unexpected side effect, generating and releasing a mutated pheromone from his pores that causes every woman in his general vicinity to grow taller and bustier. Even now, several years later, he could still produce that effect on women.

Not that he felt any real guilt for it. Especially not on days like today, when James' train home loses power and he finds himself wedged firmly between the growing breasts of his girlfriend Nora and her bestie Jessica.

There are definitely worse places to get stuck in a blackout right?

Story by slmngrndy
Artwork by Davide Tinto, Francesca Carotenuto

High resolution (2550x3595)

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