I'm Not a Giantess, I'm Just Rendered That Way

Jessica had been going about a normal day when she saw the mouse cursor come down. She sighed, knowing full well that she could not oppose her creator.

"Time for another peep show" She thought. "I hope you enjoy yourselves."

However, much to her surprise, the cursor didn't drag her into some compromising or sexually explicit position... it just right clicked on her. Then it did something she never knew it could. Jessica watched as the mouse slowly dragged her scale percentage upward. She found herself rising above and then towering over everyone around her. She was still far from her home... but as she started walking, her steps growing longer and longer. Reaching her destination, she quickly spotted her husband watching her from their balcony.

"Roger... have you been talking to those perverts again?"

Roger gulped, confirming her suspicions.

"This is not what I meant when I said I wanted to be a bigger deal! I just wanted to be cast in bigger movie roles!"

Jessica had more to say, but she was caught off guard by the sudden sensation of having her hips connect with the buildings surrounding her.

The mouse disappeared... and the towering lounge singer sighed.

"I know you meant well, honey... but next time? Please talk to me before you talk to perverts who are staring at me right now."

Story by Saul
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (3300x5100)

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