Janella Letting it Down

After accidentally being contaminated by experimental worms called GH-X2, Janella gained the ability to absorb the size of any organism she touches. The once-petite graduate student grew into a monumental Asian goddess with immense curves, that shattered the flat Asian stereotype.

As the GH-X2 worms intoxicated her mind with pleasure, she continued to grow. Janella was powerless against her controllers and destroyed her country's tiny inhabitants upon her creation's request, growing to 200 feet before the military finally intervened, blasting her with numerous barrages from the Air Force and Navy. Janella ran to the beaches but was finally knocked out after a blast from the Navy. Down, she fell into the ocean, where untold quantities of minerals and nutrients lay waiting beneath the surface.

The GH-X2 worms almost instantly absorbed the nutrients in the ocean to heal the wounds Janella had incurred. As a result, she rapidly began to swell from hundreds to thousands of feet (her curves only growing bigger and more pronounced). As she regained conscious, Janella observed her surroundings and found that the Navy ships surrounding her were now tinier than her pinky finger. She even accidentally crushed them when comparing their sizes! Suddenly, the worms sent a powerful signal to her brain, causing Janella to orgasm harder than she had ever done before.

As she brought herself up to a crouching position, Janella realized that the city she used to live in now looked like little more than a toy model. She caressed her newly acquired curves, squeezing their softness, and cupping her bigger-than-ever breasts. An idea struck Janella as she brought both her palms down on patches of city blocks, the buildings crumbling under her gentlest touch. She dropped onto all fours on the sandy beaches, giving the beach-goers a clear view of her glistering vagina.

Her breasts drooped heavily from her torso, but their sheer size caused her light brown nipples to scrap several buildings and streets. Crowds of screaming people ran away in a fearful panic. The power and pleasure Janella felt further intoxicated her mind, bringing her to the brink of orgasm... but she held out for what was to come. Slowly, she brought her breasts down on the city. Multiple city blocks, landmarks that stood hundreds of feet tall, and thousands of people who were unable to escape the massive giantess were crushed by the sheer weight of her breasts. A loud boom was heard all over the country and Janella let out a deep moan as she orgasmed. “Thank you for the meal!” She cried out to heavens as her body began to vibrate, signifying the further growth that was to come...

Story by Blazingchicken
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (7016x4961)

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