Karla's Valentine's Gift

It was February 14th. Mark invited his girlfriend Karla to a movie in the city, but he wasn't sure if it was a good idea, because before the movie started, he was going to ask her to move into his house to solidify their relationship. As a sign of this, he had made a copy of his house keys in a box with a Pikachu pendant, Karla's favorite character.

Karla, for her part, was nervous, because she was also planning something special for their Valentine's date! One time while she was at Marks place, she could see in the reflection of the television that on his laptop there was a search about giant women. Seeing this made her feel a little bad since Karla was the furthest thing from a giant woman due to her short stature. However, to change this, she found a solution to her problem with the help of her friend. They discovered a formula called Downsizing ARK, which promised a partial reduction in size, and was free of any side effects.

Inside the theater, Karla offered to go to the concession stand for the popcorn and drinks that they would enjoy during the movie, that way she could add a dose of the formula to Mark's drink without him knowing. Once the previews of the upcoming movies started playing, Mark had already taken several sips of his drink.

Karla was nervous and excited to see her boyfriend's reaction, but this was interrupted by Mark, who was about to show her the box with the key, but suddenly his watch fell to the seat from his hand and his feet began to dangle as his shoes got bigger and bigger. Surprised, Mark asked "What the hell is this?" Karla just smiles and answers "Happy Valentine's, darling! Don't be mad at me... but this is my Valentine's Day present! I know I'm not the tallest girl you know, but at least for today, let me be your giantess"

Karla looks at him while blushing due to seeing him tiny and naked now. Immediately she grabs him and kisses his little lips, "Now... what was it you wanted to tell me?" She sits him on her legs while using her arms lightly pressed against her breasts and showed him her cleavage playfully. Mark just nervously replies "Y-Yes, now that I'm too small to go home, would you like to take care of me from now on?" He smiles, blushing after stretching his arm to the box that had fallen on the leg of his beautiful giantess girlfriend.

Karla let out a little cry when she saw the keys with the box with the pendant on it. She gave him the most mischievous smile she's ever given him. Now, she had not only made her boyfriend happy, but she also thought of various naughty games with little Mark. "Maybe it's a good idea not to mention for a few days that I have the antidote" she thought as she cupped her breasts with her hands.

Story by Mike Kamiya
Artwork by Crimson

High resolution (3300x5100)

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