Karma, She(ila) is a Bitch

Sheila arched her back and thrust her hips in anticipation. The little man squirming underneath her was her ex. She had caught him sleeping with another woman. She was naturally shocked. Was she not enough to please him? Why did he do this to her? Why did he not break up with her as soon as he became interested in his other lover? These questions plagued her mind as she thrust her hips again and again.

The little man squirmed, hard, and pleaded for his freedom and life. He had seen her vengefully eat his lover... and this ravaged his mind. If he could loosen his restraints, he could then make an escape through the air vent. If he did not make his escape now, however, his new home would be a gerbil cage on Sheila's dresser. He squirmed ever harder, with each passing second, as her clitoris pressed up against him, again and again.

Slick juices started flowing out of Sheila. She moaned. She moaned for him and her victory. Her "boy toy" was going to be her literal boy toy. She liked that. No more compromises, no more sharing the bed, no more smelly "man cave". She could move the contents of her "she shed" inside the house. Her little "buddy" would still be right by her side, in his cage, and complicit. He was warned that if he wasn't complicit, he would get "Ass Time." And if he was caught escaping? Let's just say that she recently warned him that he would lose his smaller "head" the first time he was caught escaping... and he would lose his large head if was caught doing it again! Sheila knew that she'd have to take care of some liabilities later. What if his family were to find out? Or the neighbors?

His squirming slowed... then stopped... as her ex faded out of consciousness. Was it the heat, the lack of oxygen, the relatively heavy body-weight, or all three? Maybe he had learned that struggling was useless, and that it was bringing her too much pleasure compared to his current mental discomfort?

Sheila climaxed, and then dismounted to take a shower. Karma's a bitch, and when that bitch is riding you, you better not piss it off... again!

Story by Badreality
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2025x3150)

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