Ladies' Small Fitness Gym: Rejects

Alice had been a member of the Ladies' Small Fitness Gym for over a year now. While being a member, she had gotten to know the owner, who was a scientist named Kelly that developed the shrinking tech.

The gym was sourcing its shrunken men in two ways. The first was by getting paid to make certain guys disappear, most of which were criminals and the contracts were usually given by the government. The second way was that some men, to Kelly's surprise, had discovered the gym through size based porn websites and paid to be shrunken down.

Either way, Kelly had an issue she didn't think she ever would. The gym had too many of the workout "buddies". Alice, being a close friend of Kelly's, was confided in about this problem. Alice, knowing her girlfriend's birthday was coming up, had a fantastic idea. Alice inquired if Kelly could sell some of the "buddies" to be takeaways. Kelly, having made sure so far that none of the men left the gym... unless they were in a girls stomach... was initially apprehensive and afraid of one of them escaping and causing trouble down the line.

After some brain storming, Alice and Kelly determined that it should be fine to let the less fit "buddies" be purchased in this manor, and so the shrunken men started to be sorted by in gym use and out of gym use. All the guys in the out of gym use category were ones that were deemed to either break after one use, or not be fit enough to even escape the girl's house. With the introduction of the opportunity to purchase some "takeout tinies" as it were, Alice bought half of the guys in the out of gym category, planning a fun night for her girlfriend Jade.

Jade had not gone to the gym. She much preferred to do yoga at home to stay in shape. She had been told many stories about Alice's experiences with the tiny men and was always intrigued, but never enough to go out to a gym. It was Jade's birthday, and Alice had taken her to her favorite restaurant and to see a movie that she had been waiting to see. The entire time they were out, Alice kept talking about her real gift for Jade, but never disclosed exactly what it was.

As they got home Jade had asked what it was that Alice was so exited to give her, remarking that it better not be a ring. She already had one in her drawer that she was waiting to propose with just before they went to bed. Alice had Jade follow her to their room and pulled a box out of her closet. She then gave it to Jade to open. As Jades eyes landed on the contents of the box she got a devious smile, exclaiming how she was always curious to try one out. Jade, figuring now was as good a time as any, set the box down on her bedside table and opened its drawer, pulling out the ring and getting on one knee. Without Jade even needing to ask, Alice said yes, letting Jade put the engagement ring on her.

Jade and Alice stripped down and climbed into bed. Alice placed a tiny on Jade's nipple while she toyed with her other. They continued to use up all the tinies that Alice had purchased, both of them reaching orgasm several times. By the end, they both had swallowed at least 5 each, and only 2-4 were left alive on their bodies when they drifted off, only to crush them as they moved around in their sleep.

Story by Guy Who Wishes To Be Tiny
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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