Ladies' Small Fitness Gym: Shower Room

Kyoko has been a member of the Ladies' Small Fitness Gym for quite some time now, and this is just the end of one of her many workout sessions. She never used to care about her body, but ever since coming here, she's had a good reason to go to the gym to build up some sweat.

This was her favorite part of her day; taking the little guys she had collected as her "workout buddies", and rubbing it in for them that they only exist to soak up her sweat, among other fluids for one "lucky" guy. She always reveled in the look of defeat and humiliation on their faces as she pulled them out of her sports bra and panties, only for them to be thrust back against her body, with their squirms and struggles tickling her in all the right ways.

There was talk that these guys were real and had a life as normal people before being shrunk for this gym, but Kyoko didn't care. These tiny, perfect guys were there just for her and the other girls at the gym's enjoyment, and that's all that Kyoko cared about.

As she feels the tiny in her armpit tickle her, she remembers a few weeks ago when she saw one of the gym's body builders reduce a guy to paste in her armpit. Kyoko shivers in delight as she replays that memory in her head, not caring about the plight that the tiny men she has are in for. After all, by the end of the day, they will all be in her stomach, as is her tradition.

Story by Guy Who Wishes To Be Tiny
Artwork by WantedWaifus_Melv

High resolution (3000x4500)

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