Landing Site Aftermath

Having barely survived the catastrophic run-in with the blonde giantess, the one with the glasses, the sole remaining alien soon found that her dangerous Earth excursion was still bringing further mysteries and conundrums.

One of the giant Earthlings, a brown-haired one this time, was (apparently) conversing with one of her kind, holding the small individual in the palm of her hand. Filled with a renewed hope, a hope of escape, the alien braved the perilous trek to meet this stranger and perhaps find a way home. It wasn't easy as she barely managed to avoid being stepped on by more giants, but eventually she got to meet this individual. And once more, the confusion and uncertainty began again.

For starters, this mysterious stranger was shorter than she was. Had something happened with his disguise technology? And on top of that, he didn't seem to speak their language. Instead, speaking some sort of bizarre 'gibberish'.

For Neil, it wasn't much better, running into a rather large (comparatively, given where he was currently standing) woman of seemingly Asian descent. Her clothes were quite roughed up, and she was having difficulty communicating. "Was she in shock?" wondered the tiny human, a thought that, unbeknownst to him, was also shared by Sarah as she observed the two shrunken individuals in her hand. Both were completely unaware that they were making 'first contact' with intelligent life from outer space.

Story by superxash
Artwork by Jieun

High resolution (2550x3300)

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