Lazy Thursday

A few moments after the door slammed shut, a loud thud was heard from the main area. Michael first wondered if Melissa had tripped on the rug. He questioned himself as to why she was home so much earlier than expected.

Around the time of the second thought, he heard the TV begin blaring the 'Maury' intro at what sounded like full volume. He hesitated to put his book down, assuming Melissa would turn the TV off (or down) soon, but when the obnoxious sound continued for a few seconds, he stood up sharply and began speed-walking to the TV area.

As he moved closer he heard the channels changing, between nature documentaries and various ads. He heard his wife muttering to herself quite loudly.

When he exited the hall, the light in the main room was off. The only light came from the TV, bathing the lump in front of the couch that was his wife. He stood watching from there for a second as Melissa, wrapped in a blanket around her shoulders and sitting on the floor, failed to manipulate the remote control. Then, he remembered his mission and walked up to her briskly, barking at her to turn the TV off. Melissa snapped her head towards him and looked up into his eyes with shock.

Michael noticed she was sitting cross-legged, and his subconscious asked him why her eyes were level to his shoulders despite her posture. He didn't think much of it, though, still hurrying to turn the TV off before the neighbors started complaining. After she didn't answer for a moment, he began to reach across her body towards the remote, putting his left hand on her shoulder to steady himself.

As Melissa almost instinctively pulled her arm to play keep away with the remote, Michael's subconscious again sprang up to ask him why he wasn't even coming close to reaching her outstretched hand.

Now thoroughly confused, he rocked back on his heels and went to turn on the overhead light without a word. In the four steps it took him to get there, he heard Melissa's panicked voice behind him rise from below him to far above him: 'nonoNONOWAIT'

Flicking the light on, Michael spun around on his heels to see his wife's hand, reaching out for him as if to stop him. And it seemed that with another half-second, he would've easily been stopped, considering Melissa had somehow doubled in size. She stood, frozen, with a slight hunch; the hand that wasn't reaching for her husband still wrapped itself around a minuscule TV remote.

Michael understood now on some level why the lights were off: Melissa's apparently sudden growth had rendered most of her clothing... less than modest. Rips and tears were up and down her leggings and the buttons on her blouse had mostly abandoned her, exposing large portions of her cleavage to the world. Each article of clothing seemed poised at the ready to tear itself off her body. One of her feet was free, but the other double-sized foot, Michael noticed with a wince, was still stuffed into a single-sized shoe.

They stood gaping at each other for a second, both of them wondering what to say, when the blaring sound of the TV snapped Melissa back to the present. She quickly handed the remote to Michael: 'First of all can you PLEASE turn this down or off or whatever please.' Michael was fast to oblige, pressing the mute button and tossing the remote onto the couch.

A hundred questions flew through his mind as he looked back up into his wife's face, while she scanned the room wondering how she would sit comfortably to watch TV now. She began crouching back to her spot sitting on the ground, while Michael attempted to take in her whole body at once with his eyes. Many of the rips and tears in her clothing decided to take this opportunity to fully split open as many of the remaining blouse buttons abandoned ship as well. If she wasn't modest before, she wasn't getting any more saintly.

Michael somehow collected his tongue and came up with a first question: 'What on Earth happened to you?' Back in her seated position, the giantess rolled her eyes at him and responded, 'I grew. Wanna watch TV with me?' Michael realized his vagueness and focused his concerns: 'But- How did you get this big? I mean, are you okay?' Melissa gave another, smaller eye-roll as she leaned back against the couch and reached for the remote. 'Yes I'm okay, I'm pretty sure, I think. But who cares how it happened? Lightning strike or gypsy curse or whatever.'

Michael thought he was surprised enough by the sudden reappearance of his now super-sized wife. He was even more shocked to hear she was seemingly unconcerned with having grown double her size for no clear reason (and apparently within hours or less, given the state of her clothing).

However, as his wife continued to settle into her new spot leaning against the couch, once again more focused on working the TV remote than anything else, he figured there was no better place for him than by her side and keeping an eye on her. While Melissa utilized the sofa and armchair cushions for comfort from her spot on the floor, Michael went to the bedroom and fetched his book, though he figured he might have a little trouble finding the time to read.

When he returned to the TV area he realized he'd have trouble finding a place to read too, as the furniture was all bare of cushions. He stood next to his wife awkwardly, measuring her seated head against his shoulders and still wondering if this was a dream. Melissa noticed him standing beside her and asked, 'Oh, I took all of the comfy seats, didn't I? Well... I guess you can sit here then, if you want,' patting her lap. 'But you will have to change the channels and volume for me,' she added slyly, slipping him the remote. 'My fingers can't press the buttons.'

As Michael walked, dazed, up to his giant wife and slid down into her lap, remote in one hand and book in the other, he heard her voice from above: 'Can you put it on AMC first?' Michael nodded, 'Sure,' and sat back to select the channel, looking up to see his wife looking down at him.

Both of them suspected they may not be watching TV for long...

Story by miamor67
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2051x3150)

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