Let's Negotiate

They had slain imps, succubi, fiends, and even pit-lords. The Silver Light had conquered every demon they had encountered and finally sought to free humanity from the demon’s threat for good.

However, they had never considered what power it would take to command such beings. Now they knew: Absolute.

Crushing armies beneath her would be a simple stroll and the largest of the pit lords could vanish down her throat in an instant. The unprepared adventurers now faced the demon Queen, and it seemed as if all of their best efforts had been for naught.

“Hello my little darlings! How nice of you to visit me. You’re the ones that bested my cute little Cerberus aren’t you? How would you like to make a deal with me?”

Her words washed over them like warm waves, each one threatening to topple them to the ground. Her words were gentle and spoken with a kind tone, but the adventurers were still all shaken to the core.

What would she require of them? More terrifyingly, what would she do if they refused?

Story by Gentlefan
Artwork by Altercomics-Pepe Luis

High resolution (2218x3200)

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