Lord Majesty Regrets Marrying Giantess Queen Boudica

There are two main magic kingdoms where magicians are allowed to live in peace: The Artemis Institute, which is ruled by Lord Majesty, and Caislean Merlin, which is ruled by Queen Boudica. The rest of the world hates magicians and persecutes them.

In the world of Radiant, a magician gains their power from monsters that curse them at some point in their life, but they get some kind of debility in exchange. It might be they grow horns, or they have split personalities, or they have a birthmark, that if pressed, can issue commands. It can be any manner of weird things. The king of Artemis became a magician in exchange for becoming a tiny, cat-like person, whereas the queen of Merlin became massive, around 60ft tall, which can't even be considered a debility since she's physically much stronger than a regular sized human now, in addition to her vast magical powers.

Its funny how the sizes of the two leaders of the kingdoms are so vast. Boudica is about 60 feet tall, and Lord Majesty, as he's called, transformed into a tiny cat man that's only 2 feet tall at most when gaining his powers! And now, Lord Majesty wants to marry Boudica and have babies! Partly for political reasons since they both are respective leaders of the only two magical kingdoms, but also because he's a perv and she's absolutely gorgeous.

So, in his delusion, he has made a bunch of giant swimsuits for her, in addition to giant furniture for her to live in his kingdom comfortably, and even he ingested a magic potion to return back to a human form in hopes it would be more appealing for her, but he unfortunately stayed his exact same size.

Finally, Lord Majesty gets his wish and marries Boudicca and that's when they start mating in her throne room, but Lord Majesty is realizing that he didn’t think this whole “mating with a giantess” thing through, as he is crushed brutally and drowned in her cum from inside her pussy.

Story by Geeman
Artwork by Studio Arieta_Mei

High resolution (3300x5100)

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