Magnitudinem Furti

Harry, Luna, Hermione and Ron were looking through the forbidden section of the library for some spells that could use in the coming war against Lord Voldemort. After searching for a fair amount of time they found one called 'Size Theft Hex'. Curious about what the spell did and what 'Size Theft' meant, they decided to try it out.

First, they looked for an empty classroom. Conveniently, Professor Mcgonaggal's classroom was empty, so they went in and began their experiment.

After some arguing about how to best test their find, it was eventually decided that Ron and Harry should be the ones to get hexed while Luna and Hermione tried it out.

'Magnitudinem Furti', cried Hermione and Luna in unison while aiming straight at their guinea pigs' chests.

Nothing happened at first... but then Hermione and Luna started to feel a bit uncomfortable in their clothes. Their shoes ripped apart, followed closely by their socks, as the rest of their clothes started to rip apart from the force of their suddenly growing bodies.

The ladies were both so immersed with their growth that they did not immediately notice the changes Harry and Ron were undergoing. Shrinking at the same pace that the girls were growing, centimeter by centimeter, inch by inch, they dwindled down until they are no more than an inch tall. By the time the two young men had reached that minuscule size, Hermione and Luna had both become 12 feet tall.

It was only in the aftermath of their amazing transformations, while they were admiring their newfound figures, that either woman finally noticed that they weren't the only ones who changed.

Spotting the tiny males on the floor before them, Hermione and Luna looked at each other for only a brief moment before turning back with mischievous grins on their faces and their feet raised.

Oh, the fun they'll have!

Story by AndresP
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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