Malon and the Minish

Life was hard at times for the Minish of Hyrule, so it was not uncommon for groups to gather and try to make a new village somewhere else every now and then. While oftentimes this was a great success, other attempts were doomed to failure and obscurity.

One group of Minish had tried to form a new village on the grounds of the famous Lon Lon Ranch, but the poor souls were beset by danger from the start. From cows grazing upon their grassy homes and horses thundering with their hooves right over them, building their village was slow going and full of loss. Then, when they were about to give up and try to return to their old homes, the final disaster struck in the form of Malon.

Humming to herself, the Ranch woman unknowingly began to walk right into and over the settlement, protected from her eyes by the tall grass... but not her rugged boots. As more and more homes and Minish vanished beneath her massive strides, they tried too flee. Most would never make it.

In the end, the Ranch was declared unsuited for settlement by Minish kind, and all who dared to venture there did so at their own risk.

Story by Chaosbrain
Artwork by Milton Estevam

High resolution (5379x8586)

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