Man Up

Eighteen years old, a week left before graduation, and still a virgin. Heck, not even so much as a girlfriend (and not just these last four years… ever). It’s not like it was his fault. Colin didn’t really have anyone he could go to for advice. He was too shy, a loner, and (as the girls at school put it) “weird!” His online friends were nice, but too immature and goofy to offer any real help. When it came to family, he didn’t really have anyone he could go to. His mother had split just months after giving birth to him. It was apprently all too much too soon for the young mother to handle. His Dad, meanwhile, died in a work accident when he was only eight. This left him with his Stepmother Janet and her daughter Beth. He never fully understood how his family came to be. Sure, Janet had met his father at the pharmaceutical lab they worked in (she was actually his boss, strangely enough), but she looked nothing like his mother did. Mom was a petite & pretty fair-skinned blonde in her early twenties when she left, whereas Janet was a tan brunette with an extremely imposing figure and was a good fifteen years his mom's senior (who looked it, too, thanks to a tired, overworked look constantly about her). Dad and Janet were an odd couple, with her standing roughly half a foot taller and hundreds of pounds heavier than him... and a good amount older. If he had to guess, he’d place her at 6’3” and 350lbs or more.

Maybe his Dad just saw past the surface, and didn’t really have a type. Not something an eighteen year old could easily grasp. Or maybe it was the job security? Either way, Janet’s love life had been about as nonexistent as Colin’s. Despite having this in common, they didn’t really get along. They loved each other, sure, but in Janet’s eyes, he was a disappointment. Where her daughter Beth excelled in athletics, school, and friends, Colin barely skated by, which made any “advice” seeking that much harder for him. Sure, Janet could offer a woman’s perspective, but it would likely come with a healthy serving of guilt and personal digs. He could hear it now: “Maybe if you spent less time playing video games and more time on your studies or interacting with people, you’d have more friends. Heck, maybe even a girlfriend!”

No. Better left unsaid.

As for Beth... well, between her exercise regimen, internship, and social life, she was rarely around. So, it came as a bit of a surprise when, out of nowhere one Sunday morning, Beth skipped her morning jog and instead offered to help Colin.

“Listen, squirt. I know I haven’t been the nicest stepsister, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. In fact, it just so happened that I ran into a woman at the lab who I think would be a perfect match for you,” Beth said.

“I dunno, Beth. What makes you think she’d even be interested in a guy like me? It’s not like I have a lot going for me. School work’s shit. Love life’s shit. Not all that athletic. I should probably just give up and find some nice cushy cubicle. A one bedroom apartment and a steady 30k a year ain’t the end of the world.” Colin said.

“Would you listen to yourself? With an attitude like that it’s no wonder you suck at this kinda stuff. I mean, yeah that stuff is true,” Beth said apprehensively. Colin’s face dipped a bit at this. “but you’re not so bad on the eyes... I mean, you’ve got nice eyes, a kind smile, and a full head of hair. Believe me, that last one goes a long way with girls. You just need to, you know, take a chance every now and then.” Beth added.

“Okay, okay, I’m listening. What’s this girl like?”

“Well, for starters... she’s not a girl, per se. More like a woman-” Beth said.

“How much older?” Colin interrupted.

“Let me finish. Like I was getting at, she’s a grown lady for sure, but she’s got a lot to offer. Smart, a mother and a provider. Gives everything and asks for nothing in return. And she’s lonely, like extremely lonely, like hasn’t been with a guy in over a decade lonely. The kind of lonely that makes you two perfect for each other.” Beth explained.

“What makes you think she’d be into someone with, like, no experience?” Colin asked.

“Oh, don’t be like that. You’re just a late bloomer! Besides, she’s a nympho. I’ve literally walked in on her going at it with a dildo, two times, and AT WORK. Sure, it was her office... but still! You do the math. You plus her equals a lifetime of action.” Beth said.

“...That does sound kinda nice. But how much older are we talking? You said she hasn’t been with a guy in over ten years?” Colin asked.

“My God, she’s not an old lady! But she’s older, that’s for sure. Does that really matter though? It’s not like you’ve got a lot of options here.” She said.

“Okay, okay, I’m game to at least meet her.” Colin said.

“I knew you’d come around. Here, you’re WAY too uptight right now. Drink this, it’ll loosen you up.” She said.

“Wait… now? I’m meeting her NOW?” Colin asked.

“No better time than the present! Besides, I skipped my workout for you.” Beth said as she set what looked like a glass of whiskey down in front of him.

“Nuh uh. It’s way too early for that. I don’t--”

“No buts, if you want to stand a chance with her, you need to be on your A-game. And that includes being relaxed. Drink up.” Beth said as she exited the room. Not wanting to let her down, Colin swiftly downed the glass, grimacing at the bite of the cheap drink. It had that chemical aftertaste, you know? The kind you get from cheap liquor out of a plastic container. There was also this weird sensation from it, almost like the roof of his mouth was covered in chalk. Then, all of sudden, everything started to get… a little… fuzzy... he couldn’t put a finger on it but… he... felt… sleep...

Hours later...

As Colin came to, he immediately noticed something off. He was in a bedroom, that much he could tell, only everything was…different. For starters, he was immobile and staring up at the ceiling, unable to move anything but his head. He was stuck to some sort of rubbery surface. It felt like a firm rubber column (at least, that’s what he could tell from the slight movements he made). As the haze of his recent “nap” continued to fade, he began to realize just how different his surroundings were. To Colin, everything was gigantic and oversized on a scale he struggled to fathom. Somehow, despite how different his surroundings seemed, there was something familiar about them as well. As Colin moved his head, he realized that this was his Stepmom’s bedroom? How was any of this possible? As he looked towards his feet, he realized what he was stuck to…

"Oh God. Please, God, no."

Thud... thud... thud...

“Is he ready?!” Janet yelled.

“Yeah, he’s waiting for you in there.” Beth said.

“Did you find the ties like I asked for?” Janet asked.

“No, they were all out. I had to use Krazy Glue.” Beth replied.

“Won’t that hurt his skin? As much as I’d love to keep him there, I will need to bathe and feed the little guy.” Janet said.

“Just use nail polish remover and a warm bath when you’re done. He should be fine!” Beth answered in an annoyed tone.

“Well, you clearly meant well. Thanks again, sweetie.” Janet said as she opened the door. Colin looked over to see his enormous stepmother as she entered the room... wearing only her underwear. “Oh my gawd! You’re perfect!” Janet shouted, closing the door as she stomped over to him. As much as he wanted to, Colin couldn’t help but stare at her car-wreck of a body, overfed and pear-shaped, jiggling with each stomp.

“Janet? What’s going on? Why is everything so big?” He asked, now looking directly at her wide shins, trying to avoid the upward view.

“Huh? Sorry, Colin. Can’t hear you down there. Lemme come closer." Janet then squatted down, causing her fat hips to balloon outward. He was now staring right into the crotch of her panties. An intimidating sight for such a little, inexperienced young man. Thick, fat lips, that were practically chewing on the gusset of her panties. They had to be pretty thick, because they could be seen through an extraordinarily unkempt bush. It was almost 3D-like in volume, and grew well past the borders of her underwear. Janet didn’t really see any need to trim, as she hadn’t had a man of her own since Dad died. “Can you repeat that?” Janet asked as she inched closer to him.

“Why is everything so big? And why on earth am I glued to a dildo?!” Colin asked.

“Well, for starters: everything isn’t big, you’re just really, really small. You see, I never told you this, but at the time of his death, your father was working on a drug to help couples cope with intimacy issues. By shrinking a partner, the couple could explore different power dynamics to... ya know, get the juices flowing.” As Janet said this, Colin began to smell something unfamiliar to him, but something he had learned about. You know, from online stuff. “Your father, god rest his soul, had this fetish known as macrophilia. Most call it a giantess fetish. It’s where you get off on larger-than-life women through shrinking or growing. I think he thought he could share that spark with the world. He certainly did with me. Look how turned on I get just being near a little guy like you?” Suddenly, she plunged a finger into her now wet panty-clad crotch. Grunting as her fleshy digit fingered herself through her underwear, Colin was clouded in an overpowering smell of her desire. “I supported his dream and made sure he got the funding he needed, UNGH,” She said with another grunt as she continued to abuse her furry monster. “But then he went against my wishes and tested it out on himself, long before it was ready for human testing. That’s how he died, Colin. He shrunk into nothing.” Colin was now crying, horrified by the news she'd just shared with him (not to mention the grisly sight of her fat, hairy cunt as it leaked out so much cum that her underwear was practically see-through).

“And you thought it was a good idea to test this out on me? To turn me into some sort of sex slave? I thought you loved me? I thought you cared about me? You’re like a mother to me! It’s not right!” Colin cried out.

“Of course I care about you, Colin. I may be hard on you at times, but that’s because I love you. Because I want what’s best for you. Whether you wish to see it or not, I don’t think you have the slightest clue what’s best for you, wasting away your life cooped up alone in your room. This drug IS ready for human testing and you're living proof of that. Who better to ensure the test is a success, and to give you a meaningful and productive life, hmm? You see… Unnnnggghhh… oh god, I better stop, don’t want to cum just yet.” Janet said as she stopped fingering herself.

“Please change me back! Please, Janet!” Colin begged. Janet got down on her knees and bent forward to talk closer with him. Her billboard-sized face was now just inches from him, her warm, coffee-laced breath wafting over him as she pushed her hair to the side.

“That’s not yet possible... and even if it were, you think I’d let you continue to let life pass you by as you grow old here? Freeloading off my hard work instead of contributing to this household? Hmm? I’m about to fill your life with more sexual encounters than most men could ever dream of.” As she said this, all he could do was stare at his future. Her tired, middle-aged face. It wasn’t bad-looking, but her frown lines, the large mole on her chin, the faint albeit dark-colored peach fuzz sprinkled on her upper lip and chin. He was not ready for this stage in life!

“Please, Janet. Don’t you think I deserve a chance to meet someone my own age, to make something of myself?!” Colin begged.

“You had eighteen years to do that. No, Colin. When it comes to behavior, history is the best indicator. Your best shot at love is with me. Now I may not be what you pictured, but I know my way around a man’s body, and I have the years of experience to back it up.” Janet said as she gave his face a sloppy smooch, drooling all over it and nearly sucking the life out of him for a good 10 seconds, leaving Colin coughing and gasping for air. This made Janet almost melt at how cute he was. “Mmmm... was that your first kiss, sweetie?” She asked. Colin could only reply with a weak yes as he continued to catch his breath. “There’s gonna be a lot of firsts for you today.” Janet said as she brought her face down a couple inches to his crotch. Colin continued to whimper as Janet pressed her lips around his dick and began to suck. It was so powerful it was almost painful as she nearly sucked it off between bouts of practically French kissing his crotch. After about 30 seconds or so, Janet released him, revealing a rock-hard boner that betrayed his true feelings. “Looks like I’ve still got it! Now sweetie, normally I enjoy a little more foreplay... but as you could probably tell, I’m more than ready. So what say we skip to the fun part, hmm?” Janet said.

With that, she stood up and removed her panties, her bush practically exploding out as she went back to fingering herself, clearly unable to wait any longer. Colin could see the cum dripping down her enormous legs as she plunged her finger in and out of herself.

“UNGH!” she grunted as she got onto her hands and knees. “Now, Colin, I’m gonna introduce you to my favorite position. It accentuates what I believe is my best feature.” As she said this, Janet turned around and presented what can only be described as tank butt, downright elephantine in all its “glory.” It was the kind of butt that started out big, and just grew to something monstrous after years and years of overeating. And she thought it was her best feature?! Yeah it was big, but full of flaws, flaws that were kinda grisly to a young, inexperienced guy who was four inches tall and being forcefully given an up close view. Age spots, cellulite, an ass crack darkened from years of chafing. And her pussy... was jarring, to put it lightly. Between the insane amount of pubic hair and cum it was literally leaking at this point – it was a lot for the little guy to take in. As Janet continued to get into position, she gave her hips a little shake, misplaced confidence resulting in an ocean of ass fat wobbling to and fro, cheeks clapping noisily all the while. Was she TRYING to scare him?

“Okay, Colin. I’m about to make you a man... and not just any man. MY man.” Janet said as she began to situate herself. “You, plus the eight inches of ol' rusty here, are just what the doctor ordered. As you can tell, I’m a rather big gal, and the dildo on its own ain’t cutting it as of late. So adding you to the mix is gonna make it SOOO much better.” Janet added. “One thing I’ve gotta warn you of though. I am a bit of a squirter, which means deep breaths. I’ll give you a big squeeze just before though, so no need to worry too much. You’ll know when the storm's about to hit.” Janet said as she began to insert the head of the dildo into herself. “Oohhh yeah, ungh that feels good!” Janet exclaimed. Colin was practically hyperventilating in horror as he felt his middle-aged step-mother's wet pubes scratch against him, her fat cunt lips now sucking on his feet like some sort of animal, leaking out more cum as she continued to back into the eight inch dildo.

“PLEASE, JANET! STOP! FOR GOD’S SAKE! NO!” Colin was now screaming in fear as she wiggled her enormous ass around his legs and the dildo some more, now up to his waist. Janet looked over her shoulders as she gritted her teeth in anger and lust.

“Colin, I’m sick and tired of your unappreciative attitude. You spent the last eighteen years letting life pass you by, as you wasted away my love and money on video games. It's high time you became a man and gave back. It’s time you man up!” And with that, Janet backed her enormous hindquarters over Colin’s pathetic little body.

That night, his cries for help went unanswered as Janet spent hour after hour going to town on her new precious little boy toy. And this was just the beginning...

Story by Jsm109
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Slasher

High resolution (2550x3509)

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