Mary Jane Wins Big

After seeing his wife magically appear next to him, transform into a busty amazon, and nearly explode out of her clothes, Peter calls Susan Storm in the hopes of getting her husband Reed to whip something up for MJ to wear.

Susan shows up with a new suit Reed had made for She-Hulk, which MJ gladly puts on. Susan and MJ then begin excitedly talking about what her new powers are and it isn't long before MJ hovers above the roof. Peter is stunned to find that neither of them are concerned about Mary Jane's transformation. His mind reeling, the stunned superhero accidentally makes another poorly worded wish that "they would both see what a big deal this was." With a pop, the two women are suddenly twenty feet tall!

Peter starts babbling about how they just grew and how dangerous their new heights could be. MJ and Susan, unaware of any such change, look down in bemusement at his apparently delusional rantings.

What could Spider-Man's next wish be...?

Story by Saul
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2025x3150)

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