Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond Big

Not long after saving the life of a hospitalized Spider-Man from the magical crime boss the Hood, Peter Parker's current and former girlfriends, Mary Jane Watson and Felicia Hardy, were forced to team up once more when a new crisis quickly emerged for the wall-crawling hero. Ambushed by his clone renegade Ben Reilly, now supervillain Chasm, Spider-Man was seemingly erased from existence by Chasm using a fragment of the reality-altering Cosmic Cube. The powers of the cube fragment were however insufficient to completely eliminate all knowledge of Spider-Man, as few individuals such as Mary Jane and Felicia were able to remember him.

Working together to save the man they loved, the pair determined that the only way to bring Peter back to reality was by finding a complete, unbroken Cosmic Cube. The problem was that the only remaining cube on the entire planet was tightly secured in the private laboratory in the castle of the Latverian dictator Doctor Doom. Unable to call for help from other superheroes to save a hero that no one in the world remembers ever existed, the only option for these uncompromising women was to use Felicia's skills as the master thief Black Cat to break into Castle Doom and steal from the world greatest supervillain.

Sneaking into Latveria and following an elaborate heist, MJ and Felica were able to slip into the inner sanctum of Castle Doom. As the Cosmic Cube was in their grasp, a sudden starry thought by one of them caused the cube to unleash its extraordinary powers, making them grow to gigantic proportions. Having lost the cube in the ruble caused by their growth, MJ and Felicia decided not to waste time searching for it and take the entire castle with them.

Towering over the Latverian landscape, giant Mary Jane and Felicia soon found themselves assaulted by the mad doctor and high-tech robot army, to little effect as the mighty bodies of the enormous cat burglar duo were now imperious to all harm. Causally dispatching Doom's army, Mary Jane and Felicia made home to New York by walking across the ocean (after a few scenic stops in Europe), squashing Chasm under their feet and returning Peter back to reality. Things went to normal after, though Peter had a distinct feeling that there was something different about his girlfriends, as he remembered their ass had been more dump truck size rather than large enough to fill serval landfills.

Story by Mr Red
Artwork by Vincenzo Sansone + Slasher

High resolution (4127x6263)

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