Master's Growing Pet

Fae had been trained to be a loyal pet for her Master, Crim. Her Master loved to make his pet grow, and then watch as he unleashed her onto the world for his amusement.
This time, her Master had asked her to grow larger than ever before, but Fae decided to have her own fun. She continued to grow, larger and larger until her body completely overshadowed entire cities.
Expanding even more so, she turned around and wiggled her ass above the world, letting her Master (and all of the other tiny people) enjoy the massive tattoo that was branded on her right ass cheek, before smothering millions of helpless tinies under her ass for what seemed like the hundredth time today. Fae moaned as she felt skyscrapers bursting beneath her cheeks like freckled specks.
Grinding her rear into the the ground, Master's pet moaned even louder as she continued to grow, her ass enveloping another city under her. She looked over her shoulder, trying to find her Master. However, by that point he was a tiny speck of dust, perhaps already smashed into nothingness under her ass.
She continued to grow.
Her massive breasts leaked with milk out of her excitement as she moaned out into the afternoon sky, as she felt another metropolis get flattened by her immense ass. She hoped her Master would be pleased with his big girl.

Story by CrimManga
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (2480x3508)

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