Sara thought it had to be a hoax.

Camgirl sites were a dime-a-dozen nowadays, so it was getting harder to get her share. Even someone like her (a 5'1" brunette with a gorgeous face, perky c-cup breasts, and a cute little bubble butt) had trouble making her rent. Men used to come pouring in for her show... but now it was more of a dribble.

So, when she was invited to join a new site - Mastercam - she was desperate enough to try anything. Hoax or not, it promised that she would be making her old income again - and them some!

She read the disclaimer quickly... "not responsible for ruined clothing..." blah blah... "safety parameters set but everything allowable within them..." It was all legal mumbo jumbo. "Who actually reads these?" Sara muttered to herself as she quickly pressed "agree."

As soon as her camera was set up and her feed was scheduled, Sara got into her signature outfit: the girl next door type with a button down blouse and thigh-length skirt and pantyhose.

When the donations started to roll in at increasingly faster speeds, Sara realized that she maybe should have paid more attention to that disclaimer. Instead of set amounts requesting she do certain actions, donations added to (or took away from) her size in every way imaginable...

Story by Yusiro
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (4167x6236)

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