Meet Me In The Eyes

Jenna and Marie had never really seen eye to eye, mostly because Marie had lorded her impressive lengthy frame over her long-time rival.

During a pick up game, Marie went beyond her usual trash talking and purposeful shouldered the shorter woman's face during the match. Jenna pushed back with a hard forearm to Marie's ribs and challenged her to play fair. Marie sneered as she looked down upon her rival before gloating loudly to no one in particular that 'she only dealt with people she could see.' This, of course, was met with the chuckles of Marie's loyal posse of followers.

Suddenly, Jenna felt a strong warmness inside of her that shot from her feet to the very tip of her head and she began to slowly grow. It came slowly at first. Then, seemingly all at once, Jenna and Marie were eye to eye. In the blink of an eye Marie could do nothing but look up helplessly at her former target of torment. She was no longer eye to eye, but eye to chest (and a big chest at that)!

Jenna could feel a wry smile cross her face as she wrapped her arms around her formerly towering foe, pulling her face toward her bountiful chest. Today the tables had turned and she never wanted it to go back. Jenna, was content.

Story by Quiet Riot
Artwork by Amblagar

High resolution (3528x4583)

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