Mega Pool Party Growth

Robin, who couldn’t quite comprehend how tall the cream had increased her height to around 50 feet tall, now looked down as she tried to find Ashley. She hoped that her friend could somehow help her return to her normal height. The last thing Robin wanted was to be seen as a freak for the rest of her life.

Once Robin found Ashley, she picked her up and gave a quick explanation as to what had happened and how it happened. Unfortunately, Robin wasn't able to tell her story quickly enough. Just as she completed her tale, Robin felt another growth spurt flow through her veins. Her whole body shook as she instantly doubled in height.

Ashley couldn’t quite believe her eyes or the fact that was standing upon her friend's hand. She was about to ask Robin whom she’d bought the cream from when her ginormous friend uttered two relatively loud words.

"Oh no."

The growth kicked in again... and this time was for much longer.

Ashley now looked like a speck to Robin's eyes. Robin had to bring her close friend up to her eye before she could be seen by Robin. The giantess spoke again. This time, however, her attempts at a whisper resulted in a booming voice which could be heard form 3 miles away and was almost deafening to Ashley.

"What do we do now?"

Story by Bob Mill
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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