Mega Ramona Flowers 2

After Ramona’s initial growth spurt from the special mushroom pizza, Ramona had Scott order her an extra large mushroom pizza. As they waited, Scott lovingly embraced his girlfriend, not caring about her enormous figure. As Ramona kissed her boyfriend's head, the doorbell rang and the pizza was delivered.

Ramona eagerly scarfed down the pizza, and as the pizza slid down her throat like it a was single pepperoni, the effects were almost immediate. Ramona felt her body steadily grow again, savoring each foot of height with a moan of pleasure. The walls of the apartment were creaking, as less and less room became available to Ramona’s figure... and Scott. Taking a hint, Scott dashed outside and ran across the street, then saw in awe as his apartment looked liked an overpacked box while two enormous legs broke from the walls and Ramona’s head popped out of the roof lying a top of her head like a hat. Her breasts were still on the third floor of the building, filling two separate but entirely bedrooms. The front of her breasts were smeared against two different windows, with immense pressure being applied to them until one of them finally busted, exposing the breast that was smeared against it to the air which hardened and erected the nipple on it, while the other window stayed in tacts as the other nipple continued to smear against the window.

With barely any visibility of Ramona’s abs on the second floor windows, the base floor could only see Ramona’s legs that broke the walls and surrounded the front door and stretched across the street with thickened thighs. Ramona was in indescribable euphoria as she felt every centimeter of her body becoming larger and more sensitive as she moaned and orgasmed. She felt her breasts filling an entire room, smearing her sensitive breasts against the walls. All this growth eventually made her orgasm and grow even further making her break the majority of the apartment complex.

Ramona’s growth finally stopped and she found Scott viewing her from across the street. One of her arms erupted from the other apartment building and lifted Scott with her finger and slightly bit her lip, still in euphoria of her growth spurt. She whispered to Scott. “Scott, I’m still a little hungry for more food. Do you know if the pizza place does any dessert with a little snack?”

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by WantedWaifus_JM

High resolution (3000x4650)

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